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Lee Min-ki does have a certain loose-cannon intensity to him that makes me think he’ll be a fabulous creep in the upcoming movie Monster, where he plays a murderer. Just look at that stare. Shivers. The movie centers around a girl, Bok-soon, whose little sister is killed by cruel and heartless Tae-soo. Bok-soon takes up a revenge mission against the criminal and starts stalking him, in this revenge thriller. Interesting way to turn the situation around and make this a cat-mouse-cat chase. Monster is scheduled to film for the next three months, and is aiming to release by the end of the year. Source: dramabeans I agree he just look so scary and will fit the killer image very well. I wonder if there will be some love story between the two lead actors because that's what Korean dramas always do but it's gonna weird me out if it really happens. I mean, falling in love with someone who killed your sister? Seriously. Anyway I will be looking forward to more news of this drama!
@winterlovesong thank's good to be here. lol
@themuse that sounds interesting! we will see.. we will see... and I see that you are new on vingle? welcome!
Maybe Tae-Soo will fall for Bok-Soon and start to understand a little about loss when he cannot have her. Then Because he doesn't want her to suffer by becoming a killer herself, he takes his own life. I guess we will have to wait until years end to see how close I am to the mark. :)