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He Just Won’t Say It (Xiumin One-shot)
Summary: Xiumin knows he can count on his friends to help him when he likes a girl.
Members: Xiumin x Reader (With appearances by Chen, Chanyeol and Baekhyun)
Type: Fluff One-Shot
Length: 663 Words
Xiumin couldn’t help but smile the moment he saw you. He watched you enter the dorm room and he silently watched as you greeted the other boys. You had known the boys for a few years now and you were the closest with Xiumin and Chen, finding the two boys just so much fun to hang out with. But no matter how close you thought you were with Xiumin, he just remained so silent around you and just smiled at you like a goof. However, you had to admit that you remained a little too silent as well. But you knew why you were shy; for the past year you had started realizing that you liked him. You wanted to tell him, but the moment he started smiling at you, you would start blushing
You took a seat across from him Xiumin and Chen in the living room and watched as Baekhyun and Chanyeol started playing video games. “So do you think you guys would like to go to Lotte World tomorrow? I got a few free tickets and thought you guys might like to join me.” You said as you looked at the guys. They all looked excited for it, but Xiumin seemed the happiest. He was kicking his feet like a child, looking like a child. You giggled at him and he seemed like he was going to die while blushing.
You got up and started heading out to get everyone some drinks. Xiumin looked over at you and then turned to Chen. “Isn’t she just beautiful? She is so sweet and caring. Ah! I can’t wait to go to Lotte World with her. Do you think we will have fun? I need you guys to help me get closer to her.” He said in a hurried voice. It was the fastest any of the guys ever heard Xiumin speak. The moment you walked back into the room, he shut back up and just stared at you. The boys looked at you and told you all about how much they were looking forward to Lotte World.
The next day, you met up with the boys at the amusement park. You had only been there a few times, so you were really excited to get a chance to have some funs on the boys’ free day. The boys were waiting for you near the entrance and you waved at them happily. “Hey, (Y/N), we were thinking that maybe Xiumin could take you on a few of the rides first. The rest of us wanted to get some food and check out the games, but Xiumin wanted to go on a ride and didn’t want to go alone.” They told you as they started making their way to the other end of the park, leaving you alone with Xiumin. The two of you went on a few of the rides and you found it really fun. Xiumin seemed to be coming out of his shell finally. After the last ride, you met back up with the boys. They saw you two and realized that neither of you confessed to each other yet. The three of them pulled you aside and decided that they couldn’t wait any longer. “Xiumin likes you, and we know you like him. So can you two just go out already?” Chen and Chanyeol explained to you.
Xiumin looked up, having over heard them and stared at you in surprise. He didn’t think the guys would just outright and tell you the truth. You looked over at him and your cheeks were started to get hot from your blushing. “Do you really like me?” You asked him quietly. He slowly nodded his head. You couldn’t help but smile widely at him. You walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek, causing him to blush as well. “Maybe we can go on the Ferris Wheel together.” He suggested as he pulled you closer to him and kissed your forehead.
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