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Friendly Reminder
Image is OFFICIAL Gifts and Mystery gifts that will head to Dallas This Weekend Delivery Times are A day or earlier before the concert venue date. BIAS SHOWN MAY DIFFER ON YOUR BAGS WARNING: Merchandise continue to limit down as concert tour draws near. get them while you have the chance! VANCOUVER DONATIONS Close Saturday at 8am PST. Regarding: Fan Packages (LIMITED STOCK NOW FCFS) LINK: (PRE DONATE FORM) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1VSkI_4VM8ptBw3CxzhDDd0SYq9ZgGIbs701C-kqbE0E/edit?usp=sharing_eid&ts=56aad290
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Cute! Where did u get ur star paper?
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@KDSnKJH the star paper was bought by my oppa lol we area giving this out thanks to the donations. He found them in LA
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