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Next Morning, You woke up to the feeling of a warm, toned like thing lying next to you, You turn to look, It was Jungkook sleeping away from you with no sheets. You puts the blankets over the both of you as you spoon next to him, making you look like his backpack, like Dora the Explorer with her backpack. He moves over and opens his eyes slowly, "Good Morning, Cutie. Did you sleep well?" He asked you tiringly.
"I did Oppa, Did you?" You ask back.
He yawns as he stretches his arm around you, "Yeah I did. I also had a dream about you too." He said.
"What about?" You ask him as you were thinking as if he cheated on you in the dream.
"We had gotten married, You were in a beautiful white dress while "Wedding Dress" By Taeyang was playing in the background. Then we moved into a house and had children, a daughter and a son. They were beautiful, Our daughter has your face while the son had mine, It was magical even waking up next to you was magical." He explained to you as he cuddles you. He nuzzles his head into your neck, wrapping his arm around your torso and wraps his legs over yours, crushing yours, making your legs mold into the bed.
You lightly peck kiss his forehead. He looks up at you as he runs his fingers through your hair. He puts a strand of your hair on the top of his lips as he puckers his lips,making it look like he has a mustache. You stuff your face into a pillow as you giggle. He rolls closer to you and starts to nibble on your earlobe, kisses your earlobe. He starts to kiss your neck down to your collarbone then onto your left shoulder. You smile as your eyes were closed, but to avoid doing it, You push him away and turn your body away from him. But he justs climbs on top(BIGBANG!!!) of you and lays there, crushing you by his weight. You try to push him off of you but he is just to heavy.
"Oppa, Your crushing me." You tell him as your voice deepens.
"Oh sorry, I didn't mean too hurt you, I just.." He apologizes, but you interupt him by saying, "It's okay, I forgive you." You say as you giggle into your hand. He laughs as he stands up and stretches in front of you, Your eyes widened by his exposed back because he was only wearing black and red printed boxers. He turns around to look at you as he struts and flexes his muscules, making you swoon.
"Impressed? I get it, I'm sexy to you. But you don't have to drool over me. You already won my heart." He tells you as he bite his lips and winks at you. You stand up and pose for him, "I'm the one drooling? Look who's talking." You tell him as his eyes widened. Which you don't understand why because you were only wearing a tank top and shorts.
He walks up close to you, making your faces very close to each other, "Is that a challenge?" He asks you confidently.
You lightly push away as you say, "I guess it is." You with your left hip out and your head tilting up, making you look curvier than usual. He smiles as puts his thumb over his lips and makes a sexy face. You try not to pay attention to him. Instead, You jump onto the bed and pose like a Victoria Secret Model. He laughs as he jumps onto the bed and picks you up and looks up at you as you look down at him.
As you slowly go down, You smile at Jungkook as he smiles at you back. As soon as your feet touch the lumpy surface, His eyes come into contact with yours, He runs his finger through your hair, moving it behind your right ear. He closes his eyes tightly shut and leans in closer to your face, You felt his lips push into yours. You loved every second of it. You run your hand against his six pack, then you slide your hand up to his pecks. He pulls on the v neck line on your shirt, pulling you in closer as both of your bodies touch each other.
You felt him biting on your bottom lip softly, You felt something touching your leg, He picks you up and pins you on the wall, having your back against the wall as your legs wrap around his waist. You felt his excitement against your waist as he grips onto your love handles. You felt yourself getting hotter and hotter as a cold like touch was stripping you away. You didn't want your shirt off because you were insecure, But you felt comfortable with Jungkook. You let the clothing get away from your body and now you were just wearing a bra and shorts. You felt a hand rub the lower part of your back. Jungkook kept stroking your back, then your neck. You and Jungkook were having too much fun until....
*DING-DONG* You heard the doorbell. Jungkook sets you down as he looked annoyed.
As you out your shirt back on, you ask him, "Something wrong Oppa?"
He looks at you with a serious like expression, "Nothing, Just answer the door, I'll be here laying down."
You jump off the bed as Jungkook gets under the covers, You walk over and answer the door, "Umm Hello. Is Jeon Jungkook here by any chance?" You heard a voice say.
"Umm Yeah, I'll get him." You reply. You walk over into the room and tell him,
"Oppa, A guy is here for you, go put on a shirt and pants." He gives you a smirk as he pats the top of your head. You tell yourself thinking, Did I do something wrong? Is he mad at me? What should I do about it?
You hear Jungkook walk over to the door and you heard mumbling so you ignored it but then, You heard your name was mentioned in their conversation, You peak around the corner and listen to what they're saying,
"What? You have a girlfriend? Who is she?" The voice asked.
You hear Jungkook sigh as he replys, "Her name is (Y/N), and Yeah she's my loving and wonderful girlfriend."
You kept listening and listening to their talk, You realized that you didn't get the guys name.
"Well, If you want, You and (Y/N) can hang out with me and the guys and she can bring her friends." The voice offered.
"Sure, I'm pretty sure she has friends, Well I got to go, See you later, Jin Hyung." He says back.
That's his name? Jin? It's lovely but who is he? He's attractive, you thought to yourself.
You hear footsteps coming towards your direction. You immediately run into bed and pretend that you've been laying there for the past 3 minutes.
Jungkook sees you and smiles as he asks you, "Hey Do you and some of your friends to hang out with me and Hyung at his place tomorrow. It's sort of like a little house party."
"What are we celebrating?" You ask him.
"Well it's nothing special but I guess you can say something like... a meet up with friends cause I haven't seen my Hyungs in months." He describes to you as he looks through his drawers.
"Then yeah I'd love too. But I don't know if any of my friends can come over but I'll see." You explain to him. You see him pull out a polaroid picture of him and his friends.
There were 4 of them. One shows each guy wearing black hip hop looking outfits, The other one is a boy with a red tank top next to a boy looking in the distance while doing the peace sign. You ask him, "Who are they Oppa?"
He points to the boy in the red saying, "This is Jimin Hyung and next to him is Jin Hyung, the one who I was just talking too."
You smile as you see Jin posing in a photo with Jungkook. You keep lookng at each picture thinking, I wish I had friends like him, Friends that still remember you and think about you. You point at each guy asking who is who. Jungkook points at each one saying,
"This one is Taehyung Hyung, Then Yoongi Hyung, Jin Hyung, Me, Namjoon Hyung, Jimin Hyung and Hoseok Hyung. They're all my best friends, even if they're older than me." He explains to you as he smiles at the picture that it's in his hand.
You get up and walk behind him and give him a back hug. He looks to his right through the corner of his right eye. He puckers his lips as he waits for a kiss. You kiss him fast just to get it over with. He grabs your face and pulls you back in. As he lightly bites your bottom lip, pulling it outward, you laugh as you pinch his nipple to make him stop biting. He immediately stops and stands up as he rubs his left nipple.
"Owww That hurt." He says as he lays face first on his bed and sobs.
You run over to Jungkook and put your hand on his wide back. You ask him worryingly,
"Hey, Are you okay? Oppa? Jungkook?"
You felt his arms wrap around your waist line, Pulling you closer, He has you lying down next to him as he wraps his left leg and arm around you as his nose touches your cheek.
You blush as he whipsers into your ear, "I love you, (Y/N).."
You whisper back, "I love you too, Jungkook.."
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