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I did it! I nailed her image in my head exactly. Jaedyn is one of the twin Sisters in my novel-in-the-making. Jae is the masculine side of the Yin-Yang symbolism that I am trying to incorporate in my story. At age 23 she is a well known delinquent in her area (tbd). She has a good heart but the spirit of a caged animal. When she was seven her and her sister lost both of their parents in an "accident" and then were separated in the system. No one wanted the dark and gloomy child who had issues with authority. She found school to be hellish and would skip class more often then not.
Fighting is her way of coping, she will smash her competition. I guess she's a little psychotic because she will let a mf hit her and break her bones but, she will cripple her enemies.
When she finally learns of her sisters whereabouts through a fated reunion, she then goes off to a dojo to learn to control her fits of rage. As she grows she considers becoming a sensei herself in the future, though that might not happen as quickly as she'd hoped.
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