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Now thats a wave

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@Goyo Right? Lol! He just seems like a very interesting person in real life.
@yinofyang I'm not gonna lie me too lol
I would be doing the same, maybe even more enthusiastically. XD
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The best TV shows to watch on Netflix PART 2
1. American Vandal https://youtu.be/m3tkFOtM6go Tragically cancelled after 2 seasons, Netflix’s mockumentary will live on as one of the hottest takes on our continuing true crime craze. The show appears unwatchably silly on paper: a young filmmaker from a US high school’s AV Club attempting to find out who spray painted 27 dicks on cars in the faculty parking lot. Class clown and serial dick-drawer Dylan Maxwell professes his innocence, but literally everyone thinks it was him. There’s even an eye-witness who claims to have seen the whole thing unfold. What happens? Guess you have to watch and find out. 2. Sherlock https://youtu.be/VaT7IYQgyqo Martin Freeman (that guy from (the original) The Office) and Benedict Cumberbatch take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic stories. The writers realized Holmes’s appeal isn’t the detective work, but the characters (although there is amazing detective work throughout the series). Sherlock starts off confident and, by the third series, erupts into a full-blown celebrity. A personal favorite of mine. 3. Narcos https://youtu.be/to9VYUGu1Ys This is a spectacular Netflix series, truly one of my all time faves. The story, based on real events, follows the never-ending game of cat and mouse between drug king Pablo Escabar, the Columbian authorities and the American DEA. Season three reset, turning its attention to the new drug lords on the block the Cali Cartel. From there for the "4th season" the series continues on to Mexico in a somewhat separate storyline but still featuring some fan favorite actors from the previous seasons. 4. BoJack Horseman https://youtu.be/i1eJMig5Ik4 Animated comedy, anthropomorphic horses and constant existential crisis - I don't know who greenlit this series, but thank you.
Stranger Things Season 4: Everything We Know So Far
Season 3 has just released, and if you're anything like the almost 20 million other users, you have probably already binged the entire series and are looking towards season 4. SEASON 4 DOESN’T HAVE AN OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE ... YET Netflix has yet to "officially" renew Stranger Things for another season, but after after a record breaking debut, and cliffhanger ending, the chances seem pretty good. Both the producer and creators the Duffer Brothers have talked about the show getting a 4th season, so let's hope they make that a reality. SEASON 4 WILL LIKELY BE THE LAST In an interview in 2017 the Duffer brothers mentioned the likelihood of the show ending after the 4th season, with the "possibility" of a 5th, but to not get our hopes up. (I'm not crying you're crying) HOPPER IS ALIVE ("THE AMERICAN"), AT LEAST ACCORDING TO DAVID HARBOUR Let's be real, we all cried at the end of season 3 when we all thought for sure Hopper was dead, we then had to sit through a heartbreaking ending scene. Until we were given a post-credits scene where "The American" was locked in a Russian Prison. The assumption of course is that he is indeed Hopper. David Harbour was asked in an interview if Hopper was behind that door, and he replied that it was "The most likely scenario". In season 3 the main Russian bad guy; basically the Russian Terminator referred to Hopper as "The American" which is a dead giveaway for who the American is going to be. If that is the case then Hopper will definitely be back in Season 4. THE BYERS AND ELEVEN HAVE MOVED OUT OF HAWKINS Following Hopper's "death" Joyce adopts Eleven. With Hop's dissapearance, and the danger they can't seem to escape, they decide to leave Hawkins. Which meant some very teary goodbye scenes. It will also change the centre of the Stranger Things universe, with the Byers an Eleven both out of Hawkins, Indiana, the show will definitely have some new locations to explore. THE RUSSIANS HAVE A DEMOGORGON The post-credits scene also revealed the Russians have a pet Demogorgon. One they feed with prisoners. We have no idea where/how they got it. Is it the demogorgon from season 1? Did it come through the gate during one of the Russian experiments? Who knows, but what does seem obvious is that the Russians intend to study and perhaps weaponize them? Whatever the reason, the Russian demogorgon means the series has gone global for season 4. source