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is forced to be here?
I have to disagree. He's naturally a rather shy, hesitant person. But if you watch him perform, it's obvious that he loves what he does and gives it his all. Besides, with the highly competitive process of becoming an idol, there's no way anyone can be in a group unless they work hard and invest all their time
@PaigeJones I agree with you. he worked really hard on what he loves to do. some people to misunderstood him all the time. Even on weekly idol. they had to confirm it with him if he was unhappy in being their, but he states that he have hard time expressing his feelings and he do love and was excited to be on the show. if people actually paid attention to how he is each time they would realize the personality that he gave out to the world. He ties really hard overcome each and every obstacles that he has to go through each and every time.