2 years ago50+ Views 3 here we go. "What would happen if X were different?" Okay. I have one. What if Bucky hadn't fallen from the train in the first.Captain America movie?
And this hadn't happened. I think that if Bucky hadn't fallen from the train and was taken by Hydra then he either would have gone with Steve to the final fight with Red Skull and they either would have gone down together or found a way out of the situation and not been frozen for years. Or alternatively Bucky doesn't go and lives and pretty mych leads the effort to find Steve and they end up finding him sooner than they did in canon. Either way they kick ass and take names!
Alright lovelies! As always. Leave comments if you want. I want to meet new people. @shannonl5
Oh wow! I could definitely see Bucky and Howard working together to find Steve. It would have been rough for Steve to wake up and see both of them older but the transition would have been easier I think
@shannonl5 yeah. And Bucky would have fought tooth and nail to find Steve.
@MarvelTrashcan for sure, he wouldn't have given up