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Made another Gunpla! :D (Barbatos)
I was suppose to go out to buy this tomorrow but I guess buying it today wouldn't hurt. I bought 2 actually and I'll be opening and building the other one tomorrow. But here's my HG, Barbatos from Iron Blooded Orphans, I've only watched one series which is 00 and I haven't watched any other Gundams lol. Anyways, that's my figure for today, expect another one tomorrow and when I built it today, it was a lot quicker than I thought lol. #gundam
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@DevilsSon yeah I realized that after posting this and getting my 2 butt cheeks up, but thanks anyways
2 years ago·Reply
cool r u gonna buy the weapons set, that comes with the rifle shield and mobile worker?
2 years ago·Reply
@lordeath666jp you could do that? I have to check that out! Thanks for letting me know dude
2 years ago·Reply
yeee, give your barbatos his giant cannon B/
2 years ago·Reply
@lordeath666jp yeah, its gonna look sick
2 years ago·Reply