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So I'm starting this card without having everything collected, but I believe by the time I send it all shall be okay. Gonna start by tagging the BigBang Crew: @Helixx @lovetopia @catchyacrayon @KwonOfAKind @JiyongLeo And plus: @ercurrent @BBxGD
Picture of your favorite MADE artwork. The poster I got when I bought M and A at an anime convention. I was just getting into KPop and only knew BigBang.
Weirdest TOP Instagram post. I'm SO proud of this one. It got deleted soon after being posted. It is by far the oddest one of all.
Pic/GIF/Vid of a BigBang member playing an instrument. Honestly, who thought I wasn't going to make this about Daesung?
Clip/Full episode of BigBang TV with subtitles. You see that thumbnail for this episode? You see TOP with a crab hat? Go! Watch this NOW.
Seungri on a boat. Who thought I wasn't gonna make this about Daesung... because I did.
A Vid/Gif or 3 Pics of BigBang with MNet MPD-nim. This was hard. You know what is easy? Finding BTS with MPD-nim.
Taeyang Fanart. I love the colorful hair one. I can't stop giggling at him on a MyLittlePony.
Hwangtaeji? Explain. So, basically Infinity Challenge is awesome because it made the best collaboration ever. That combo being HwangHee (ZE:A), Taeyang and JiYong. This was the birth of the song Mapsosa. I love it love it love it.
Favorite thing about Daesung and why? While I could just say everything about him, I feel like being more specific. HIS VOICE. You could take away his body, his face, maybe even (dare I say it?) his sillyness and I would still be completely in love with him. It's because of his incredible singing voice that his like my BIGGEST Bias. So, ya. *calms herself*
Favorite G-Dragon hairstyle and why? Seriously. This red hair. It's perfect. Also, the cottoncandy hair is fun too. But, the RED wins.
Kids cosplaying as BigBang. I guess this is cute....
Tell Helixx something she doesn't know about BigBang. What could I possibly know that you don't? Gah! So hard. I found..... Daesung getting drum lessons from a very cute Japanese girl. It's not translated, but I still understood most of it. (My Japanese is better than my Korean.) I honestly doesn't know if you've ever seen this before. *crosses fingers*


What are you eating? Are you some sort of stalker? I didn't eat much today. Sort of sad. This is my midnight snack because stomach grumbles.
I'm not too sure about your screaming man with writing all over himself wearing a gold jacket. Though some of the writing says EXO. Ya. Nope. I got nothing. It gives me the creeps. So much that I never saved the image to my phone.
And Done. Till next Hunt.
it came out awesome. thank you for taqqing me ... but I already done mines. go ahead and check it out. http://www.vingle.net/posts/1393187?shsrc=v
I have not seen that video. It was really cute, but I need SUBS. I think I could get the gist of a lot of things though, so I'm proud of myself for that. And yes, finding BTS with MPD is super easy. He's even in one of the RUN alt. version M/Vs.
I just now realized the paper under the turkey sticks is the SH list.