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The pair shocked the public by announcing that they were officially dating in summer 2011. There are very few celebrity couples (especially idols) who actually confirm dating rumors. Though public responses were mixed, the pair continued their relationship for almost two years and broke up around two months ago (though I think they had parted their way before). Junhyung is currently filming for his debut drama (sitcom) Monstar and shared about his relationship with her during the press conference as a response to a press question (seriously, why do press always have to bring up such topic, I really hate it). The boy shared that he was doing fine and as the decision was mutual, they decided to remain close friends. In fact, they saw each other at Dream Concert and got a long just fine. He hoped that nobody would think he was suffering. Couple breaking-up is normal in Korea. And if it's really mutual and both are doing fine after it, it's no big deal. Anyway, hope Junhyung will do well for his filming.
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I think it's just media play since there was like nothing between them at all both before and after the rumor