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Marvel Day 6.
Here's some non-Marvel shows that I watch bcuz, yeah they are awesome!! Arrow, bcuz who wouldn't want to watch such badassary? Oliver Queen is a sight to behold! The Flash. It's perfect. Nerdy guy gets awesome powers, becomes a hero and still tries to get his life in order. To me that's keeping it real! The Walking Dead. Nuff said. That's my reality show!
Shows I wish I had more time for... Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I've watched most of the first season but it's hard to watch when u already watch the 3 above plus work nearly 14hrs a day.. Agent Carter. Bad ass woman right there. Still need to play catch up here too.. Daredevil. Haven't seen any of it yet. I heard it was awesome. So I think my next day off I'm going to binge watch my shows!
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If you haven't already you should also check out Jessica Jones when you have the time. If you like awesome female leads you'll like this show <3
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@Boggleman I did hear about it! I don't care much for Supergirl tho. I saw the first episode and was not impressed. Should i give it another chance?
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@dominika yes you should it has gotten better since the first episode and they have Martian Manhunter.... Fricking Martian Manhunter!!!
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@Boggleman Awesome! I'll start to watch it then 馃榿
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