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Ryeowook twitter update
헨리 왜요 누나 ㅋㅋ 누나 좀따봐용 ^^ @gksan486: @ryeong9 헨리구나...." what about Henry, noona kk noona, see you later ^^ @gksan486: @ryeong9 it's henry...." (45 minutes ago) 둘이 뭐해 ㅠ 나도 껴줘 @AllRiseSilver: “@donghae861015: In Japan ~~ :) oppa oppa ~ http://t.co/3RwfOIjRS7”밥먹고있는데 이 멍충이가" What are you two doing ㅠ count me too @AllRiseSilver: “@donghae861015: In Japan ~~ :) oppa oppa ~ I was eating and this idiot want to took pictures with me" (43 minutes ago)
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