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mark was there in beginning but I think he only had a robe on and went to go put on clothes.
XD was dying over JB in background
them XD messing with Youngjae while he was talking sadly no subs so idk what they said. lol how bad are these screenshots
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Gah! This is what I missed this morning! *runs off to V app*
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@TerraToyaSi ..I know I missed too. I was like WHAT?!!! HOW??!! I was sleeping hahaa.
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Back from watching. I'm dead. My love of YoungJae keeps growing. I mean I love Jackson and JB and well, all of them. But damn YoungJae is trying to steal me.
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@TerraToyaSi .did you read the card I made on him..YoungJae.??
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@luna1171 I did. 鈾モ櫏
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