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Day 6: What other tv shows do I watch?

Marvel Shows

I'm probably a bigger Marvel fan than DC, but I still love DC nonetheless. Daredevil was, in my view, the worst adaptation of a character ever. I'm kidding!!! I freaking LOVED it! I watched the entire series with my stepdad and we both were so damn happy with it! Jessica Jones on the other hand, we did not watch together. He actually finished before me, so I still have to complete her series. And her series was what I think Marvel usually strays away from a lot of time when they're on screen. The adult content. Jessica Jones showed no restraint with that, and I gotta say, having a gritty series like this gives me great confidence as to what they'll do with upcoming Marvel series.

DC Shows

I have yet to complete all 3 of these shows, but I have watched them a few times. I hope Gotham advances to a point where they create a Batman series.


If there are any anime fans reading this, please....please, please, please....watch this show. It's called Nichijou...and it's hilariously entertaining. Not to mention pretty adorable. I'm a strong fan of the shonen genre and I love me some seinen as well. The more storyline and action, the better. But this series will make even the toughest guys shout "Soooo Kawaii!!" (鈮夆墻)
Garo- The Animation I'm currently watching this on Hulu, and I love it. I've been binging it for two days and I'm nearly done. I actually started watching this series last year, but I got sidetracked by a couple of other series (Durarara!!, Durarara x2!! and Parasyte -the Maxim-). But I'm back on my grind and I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a good action story.

P.s. The fight scenes will not disappoint, hahaha.

Have a Marvelous Day, Marvelers!! @BelleofRay @LAVONYORK @shannonl5 @LadyLuna @buddyesd @Boogleman @dominika @CloeySuess @Krystalstar22 @namer9999 (Tag all the Mercs for me!)
@CloeySuess @kuzuri96 Thank you for the recommendations! 馃榾
@dominika Both Durarara and Durarara x2 are on Hulu, if you have it.
@dominika I've found in Crunchy Roll and on YouTube. love anime starting reading Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2 at age 10. hah been in love with it for a long time now.
I also like watching anime. I like watching the action ones though. I also enjoy the romantic ones like Clanned.
@dominika Yessss, I watched the english dubbed since it was a good casting for it. Kyohei, voiced by my favorite voice actor Steve Blum, was my favorite on the show.
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