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It would take forever to get pictures of all the other shows I watch so I will make a list xD Batman Baka To Test Digimon Dragon Ball Full Metal Alchemists Gundams Heroman How it's Made Inuyasha Kung Fu Panda Loony Toons Pokemon Myth Busters Naruto Ninja Warrior Sleepy Hollow Sonic the Hedgehog Soul Eater Static Shock Walking Dead Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tenchi Muyo Yugioh Zeta Project ..... This list could go on forever too XD but you get the idea XP
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Good shows!
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One of the guys from Mythbusters gave my college commencement speech ^_^ he was really good
2 years ago·Reply
Yesss, we could hang! *fist bump*
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@shannonl5 that's so awesome xD
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@ButterflyBlu *Fist Bump*
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