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So when I'm at school a lot of my friends want to see my phone... And when they see this...
Then they say " why you got a Asian as your lock screen" then I say "why you ... He not Asian he's Korean " 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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is it bad that my friends are already used to seeing shirtless korean boys as my lockscreen bcs oops.
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@flxvour no!!!! It's fine 馃槤
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next time ask them why not? Then ask if they're racist? Most likely they will then stumble all over themselves trying to explain, annd you can have a good laugh!
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I don't think it matters for me cause my friends are kpop fans. instead they are the ones changing my lock screen
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That what my friends says to me and I am just like "bruh" they are Korean 馃懣馃懣
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