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Well I just wanted to let everyone and remind others about my CARDS. As you guys know MY cards are mostly Markson and GOT7..and sometimes BTS and BigBang because I also have collection on them and I am a fan too. the purpose of this card is to let this know to some people that ask me to include them on my tag list.. Of course I am happy to do that I did!!
I am really excited that people like my just to let you know that the card I did lately were GAMES to recognize our kpop idols.. and many people like them.. but I don't usually do cards on this people or SPAM you with them lol.. those were games ..the lips,the eyes, the smiles and the abs not and I am still working in recognizing something else..haha.. you will see..
But sadly some people ask me to untagged them which I did.. some people might think DIFFERENTLY some will think this and some will think that...hahahha some like it some not which is perfectly fine.. so I apologize if I bother anyone. ( 미안해 ) mianhae.

If anyone doesn't want to be tag in my future cards let me know OK.. our purpose in Vingle is to be happy!!

Just because I understand we all feel differently..

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@SusiBosshammer ..thanks..
2 years ago·Reply
Keep tagging me!!! :D
2 years ago·Reply
Please continue to tag me 🤗
2 years ago·Reply
I like being tagged in your cards!!!
2 years ago·Reply