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First of all, this baby sea lion looks like he might have a future in modeling with these pictures. A baby sea lion waddled a little far away from his home, but was soon rescued in a California restaurant.

Stranded little pup.

The sea lion pup was found at The Marine in La Jolla, a high-scale restaurant in San Diego, California. The staff snapped a few pictures before calling SeaWorld to come rescue the pup. The baby sea lion was severely malnourished. The sea lion weighed about 20 pounds — she should have weighed about 40 to 50 pounds if she were out in the wild. SeaWorld representatives said the sea lion probably went in search for food and shelter after an unusually high tide.

A happy ending.

The baby sea lion is now in the care of SeaWorld, and representatives say they are cautiously optimistic that baby sea lion will be released back into the wild after she recovers.
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