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She gets it from her mama.

We've all heard that saying before, although used in the wrong context every now and then -- we can all agree that Tracee Ellis Ross does indeed get it from her mama. I mean, when Diana Ross is your mother, what do you expect?
From the fly hair to the bangin' body and let me not forget to mention her exquisite taste in fashion -- Ms. Ross has got it going on for sure! There's no denying that. If you're not familiar with the the original Miss Ross's daughter and all her beauty, keep scrolling and prepare to fall in love.

She's a bad mamma jamma for sure.

What's your favorite look from above?
Thank you so much for the recommendations! I just moved here 8 months ago & im trying to find little spots I have explore to @Cle1
馃槂 It's all about being in the moment, & NYC has so many of them #stories I'm back and forth now, but the city has my 馃挅And if you ever need to step away from the crowds there are always spots like B Flat in Tribeca, or the free comedy show on the LES...
Ahhhh!!! Sounds like you had the ultimate experience! Jealous, haha. Iman and Vera!! Two fashion legends. It's nice to cross paths with someone who lives in NYC on vingle @Cle1
OK!! Definitely. FNO is so fun - but one year I was downtown and the next the UES, 2 *totally* different experiences: SoHo/NoHo/Meatpacking was totally vibing (no seriously, Vera Wang reached out and spontaneously hugged me), but UES was the total opposite #SOformal. Still, Iman brushed against my shoulder at Lanvin on Madison, so, OK.
I haven't just yet, but I'm hoping I will one day in the near future. I'm looking forward to Fashions Night Out this year @Cle1
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