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Big Bang at Swimming pool... TOP is that a long pant with robe and a shirt underneath!!!!????
GD with his abs... don't cover it!!
Seungri you most be thinking..(nice abs)
Daesung.. Our Angel has sexy lip and body.
Of course our Taeyang never let us down... he can do abs dance!!!
TOP!!!!!! I am not taking off my jacket. (Whahahaaa!!! ↞Evil fangirling...I think I need some help from the members )
Come on Boys please help me to strip TOP to Less!!!!!! OMG TOP!!!!!!How many were you wearing!!!!!! This is a sad sad sad ending...(I need a moment)
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Yes I have the whole collection on the pic from the Movie Tazza...that is my ↝Happy collection↜
Mm, I guess the only one who can see TOP's body and toes is his future wife..
@jungkookie1 No!!! let's not mention it yet... I need a moment😭😭😭😭
@lovetopia ; haha yeah I know right but you need to be prepared before. So you would not get hurt so badly. You know? Face reality. Haha. Me too. I always prepare so those things won't hurt or surprise me.
@jungkookie1 I m prepare.. wuwu😢😢😢😢... yes I m 😢😢😢😢....I m....😭😭😭😭....I m...😵😵😵😵...😱😱😱😱...☠☠☠☠...💔💔💔💔