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Big Bang at Swimming pool... TOP is that a long pant with robe and a shirt underneath!!!!????
GD with his abs... don't cover it!!
Seungri you most be thinking..(nice abs)
Daesung.. Our Angel has sexy lip and body.
Of course our Taeyang never let us down... he can do abs dance!!!
TOP!!!!!! I am not taking off my jacket. (Whahahaaa!!! ↞Evil fangirling...I think I need some help from the members )
Come on Boys please help me to strip TOP to Less!!!!!! OMG TOP!!!!!!How many were you wearing!!!!!! This is a sad sad sad ending...(I need a moment)
Like the last one... I can imagine the audience waiting to see him shirtless when they rip the shirt.. but nope. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that priceless moment. **Ohh shit TOP is about to take of his shirt. cameras ready, jaw connected and eyes lock. ...Then the shirt comes off.. Everyone: Dafugg!!! **
It's safe to say that TOP would never lose at strip poker.
Wae TOP???? Wwwaaaeeee!!!!!!!
I think he wears enough clothes for everybody
Haha its like impossible to get him to take off his shirt
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