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Deadpool has one of the best superhero costume in Marvel Universe. So, when I was browsing Internet and I found how to make origami deadpool mask.. I couldn't stop myself from making one for me. Then, it was so easy that I made few more. As, you can see in the picture. They're beautiful piece of art and also, they're fun to make. I almost made all my four origami Deadpool masks in less than an hour. So, I thought I'm not the only deadpool fan here so... Here's the tutorial I'm sharing with you all. Watch the video down below to know the procedure step by step - ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇
Here are the pictures of the masks I made with help of this tutorial. Looks dope. Isn't it?

Clip the card to bookmark this card in your collection, so you don't forget about making this awesome deadpool mask and also you can share it to your audiences.

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Have a nice day! :)

@Raavaan Whenever I make them, definitely! ^^
@poojas Yeah. Show me pictures too.
This looks so cool and actually doable. Might try it soon!