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The city that never sleeps.

The streets are talking, but I can still hear my heart beat over the loud hustle and bustle of the city. Valentine's Day is exactly one week a day and I have absolutely no plans, but for once in my life I'm perfectly fine with that. Stuck in a city full of people who are in love and looking for love behind the screen on their phone. I've fallen madly in love with a city and even if the feeling isn't mutual, I'm here to stay.
It took me forever to get here, but I'm finally here and I can actually say that for once in my life -- I'm extremely proud of myself. I know it might sound boastful, but it's the truth. Many people dream, but never quite turn those dreams into a reality. I made it happen and for that very reason I'm here.
I've never known a love this strong. The way he makes me smile after a long day of work or the way he wakes me in the morning to the sounds of sirens and mother's yelling at their sons. It's the little things. I don't get jealous from all the attention he receives. It actually makes me smile.
While everyone is going out for dinner next Sunday and putting on their best red lipstick, I'll be lying in my bed watching reruns of Sex and The City smiling at the fact that Valentine's Day is everyday when you're living in the one city that was able to steal your heart.
Why thank you!! @Lilpahtin
wow!! that's a great poetry....