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Hello Nakama, sit back and relax because this is going to be a long one.

We all love anime and we have our stories as to how we got into it. When people ask what was the anime that got me into anime I seem to have a hard time answering that.
I know what the first anime I watched was and I know the anime I obsessed over but are ether of these two the anime that got me hooked on anime? I can't say that for sure. Only in the past few years have I really started to watch anime and I got to wonder what was the true anime that got me into anime.
So I think it's time to sit down and tell you all how I got started in anime and we might as well start from the beginning.

Pokemon, Gotta Catch Em All!

Let's take a journey to be the very best like no one else before! Like a lot of children in the 90's I was a big fan of Pokemon. Playing all the games, collecting the cards and of course watching the show. I didn't know at the time that this was an anime; just a neat looking cartoon for what I was concerned. Wake up every morning before school, turn on the WB and watch Ash and his friends go on a grand adventure.
I guess you can say this is my first anime but is it the one that got me hooked? I don't think it is but I can say it was more of a gateway anime. As I said I didn't know it was an anime at the time so it's hard to say this got me hooked but when it came time to watch more I knew what anime looked like.
So what comes next in the my anime life?

Before we get to that let me tell you about this.

Remember Toonami? I hope so because it's still exists. Do you remember what Toonami used to be? Before it was on at midnight and no one would watch it; it was on in the evening at a reasonable time.
I would love to sit here and tell you I watched every show that was on and loved them all but that wouldn't be true. I did catch an episode of Yu Yu Hakusho and Inyuasha and enjoyed them but never fully got into ether. Other shows that came out later such as Zatch Bell and Naruto suffered the same fate; I watched a few episodes but never fully got into them.
Why not give them a chance, you ask? To be honest I can't really say why. I suppose a big part was that Toonami was on the same time as Monday Night Raw (i'm a big wrestling fan) and like many middle schoolers I had a bed time.
The biggest reason I didn't watch much other anime was because the real star of Toonami.

Dragon, Dragon, Rock The Dragon, Dragon Ball Z!

By now everyone should know that DBZ is my favorite anime; if not then Dragon Ball Z is my favorite anime (there now you know). This was the first anime that I watched that I knew it was an anime but I didn't watch it because it was an anime I watched it because it was an incredible action show.
DBZ really opened my eyes into a new world. Watching Goku battle such powerful enemies in such fierce battles really got me hooked. Every week, every new battle, every new story really had me glued to the t.v. Me and my friends would choose a character to be and have fake battles. We must of looked real cool going through the school yard shouting, Special Beam Cannon, Galic Gun and of course KA-ME-HA-ME-HA! There seemed to no room for any other anime.
With this as my first real anime, is this the show to get me into anime? Kinda; It defiantly made strides into my interest of anime but I still never got fully into anime until years later.

The Invention of Streaming

For a long time finding a place to watch anime was not so easy, at least here in the west. Toonami and Adult Swim had anime on and Spike TV had Animonday but to watch anime at will was almost impossible. You could go the expensive route and get DVDs and eventually Blu Rays but not much High Schoolers have the money for that.
It wasn't until streaming sites became popular that anime became more accessible to everyone. Dragon Ball Z defiantly peeked my interest in anime but it wasn't until I became an adult and was able to get Netflix that I had access to watch anime anytime I wanted. Other sites such as Crunchyroll and other not so legal sites helped me catch up on all the anime I missed over the years.
So what anime did I start with?

Zombies, Guns and Boobs (my kind of show)

Highschool of the Dead, what a way to start. When I first got Netflix this was on top of the Anime list. It was @ChrisSantiago that first introduced me to this show; I guess his love for The Walking Dead turned him on to this show.
This anime is crazy, It's a great adrenaline rush of zombie killing awesomeness. It was the best way to get me involved in ecchi anime as well (DBZ never had this much T.N.A). Highschool of the Dead is right up my ally as I love zombie stories and I for sure love boobs and butts. Not a typical anime to start with but a good one as it gives you every anime trope available. It has a kick ass opening as well, with a hard rock song performed by Kishida Kyoudan & the Akeboshi Rockets, it really sets the tone for the anime.
So did this start me off on my love for anime? We're getting closer, this for sure got me started watching anime but I think it was the next one that made me the addict I am today.

Fullmetal Alchemist, my new favorite anime!

Fullmetal Alchemist was the next anime I would watch and it didn't take long for me to fall in love. From the very beginning, Fullmetal Alchemist had my attention and over time it had my curiosity. I connected well with Edward Elric, him being an atheist (as am I) and one with a strong will and kind heart, he quickly become one of my favorite anime protagonist.
With a suspenseful story and lovable characters I became hooked. Every episode was it's own adventure filled with a great mix of comedy and action. Fullmetal Alchemist had some of the most suspenseful moments that I had ever seen, often keeping me at the edge of my seat. It was really the show that taught me the meaning of "feels"; it hits hard on an emotional level, taking lovable characters and putting them in terrifying situations.
Of course months later I watched Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and found a new interpretation of a great story. Closer to the manga, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood brings all new excitement to the adventure. Introducing new characters and even more suspense Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood truly climbed to the top of my favorites list. I do believe you can't have one without the other. Despite many who say that Brotherhood being the better series (and it is); I do think that the 2003 series is still great and brings a great twist to the story and is necessary to appreciate the franchise.
Is it safe to say this is the anime that got me hooked to anime? I think it is. After FMA I went on to watch many more anime.

After Fullmetal Alchemist came many more anime.

The rest is truly history. Netflix (at the time) had a list of great anime and I went down the list watching one after another. Soul Eater, D-Gray Man and Rosario + Vampire where among the first three I watched. In the meantime on my days off of work I watched bigger animes such as Bleach and Yu Yu Hakusho. After awhile I came to watch many more animes, picking up suggestions from communities on social media.

I hope you enjoyed my little tale. Thanks for sticking around for the whole thing. I know it was long so I truly appreciate it.

Now it's your turn; I wan't to know your story. How did you get into anime? What was the first anime you watched? What anime got you hooked? Is your story as in depth as mine? I wan't to hear it!
Make a card of your own and tag me in it and while your at it tag the mod crew:@tbell2 @VoidX @hikaymm @Danse @InVinsybll I'm sure they'd like to hear it as well.
There's more to my story that's written here so stay tuned as I'll go more into detail for every anime, or at the very least the ones with the most impact.
Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!
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@alliepetey you sure do like a certain kind of anime that's for sure
@Stoneyy that's a dope story. Great anime to start with and I wouldn't count He-Man or Thundercats or any other 80's cartoon for the very reason that they're cartoons and not anime but I do suppose they could be gateways to watching anime.
This was awesome to read; i really wantt o write my own now!!!! I'll try to this week. Your story started out kind of similar to mine, I guess ^^
@hikaymm thank you! There's more to this story than what's written here so I'm going to make this into kind of a series
@TylerDurso That's awesome I think this is the kind of stuff people like me enjoy the most because it's just so relatable hahaha