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When it comes to painting your nails, it can get a bit messy.

Going to the nail salon can be a bit more realistic when you find yourself making a mess every single time you try to do a home manicure. Trust me, I've been there far too many times -- which is why when I do get my nails done I always go to the nail salon these days. Spending money on nails can and will eventually add up, but low and behold there is finally an invention that will save you money, time and a mess.
A new invention called Tweexy is a new beauty invention that will be sure to save all of your messy nail issues. This product is a two finger ring that allows you to balance your polish while getting your nails on fleek. Where was this product a couple years back when I used to always paint my nails at home. Ladies, if you're the queen of making messes while painting your nails and want to save a few dollars -- try painting your nails at home with Tweexy.

Would you invest in this beauty product?

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This is a great review if you're interested. I'll definitely be ordering one! Thanks, @jordanhamilton! ^_^ @TurtleyTurtles you can buy quick dry activators, or a lot of people swear you can use things at home like baby oil, olive oil, and Pam cooking spray. I don't know for sure because I haven't tried them all, but I'd be willing to try and make a card on which home drying methods work if you're interested!
Yayyy!!! You're very welcome @ButterflyBlu and thanks for sharing the review :)
@ButterflyBlu That would be awesome! I've tried ice water, and it works, but not for multiple coats. I usually just wait a day to do another coat. I'm allergic to baby oil, but would be willing to try Olive oil or cooking spray. Thanks for the suggestions and offering to make a card on it!
@TurtleyTurtles awesome! I'll see what I can do about that! I don't mind doing a card and then we can all find out what works and what doesn't! ^_^ @jordanhamilton you're welcome! I'm so excited about the Tweexy, I was showing it to my mom and everything lol. I've been doing her nails for a long time now because she's disabled and has Alzheimer's. She gets embarrassed/scared that she's going to have an episode and get confused at the salon, so she just has me do her nails most of the time. Anyways, she was fussing at me: "why didn't we have such cool toys like this when I was your age?!" I was laughing. I can't wait to get mine. You're the best. 馃挏
Awwww that's amazing!!! @ButterflyBlu <3 I know it will definitely come in handy. I hope both you and your mom love it. I need to purchase one myself, very soon. I think it's an amazing innovation.