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MAC Teams Up With Your Favorite Celebs For Collaboration

All my MAC ladies, pay close attention.

Leave it up to MAC Cosmetics to have us spending our checks on yet another collaboration. This time your favorite makeup retailer has created a collaboration called Future Forward which consist of products from a handful of your favorite on the rise stars. Brace yourself because these celebrities consist of Dej Loaf, Tinashe, Lion Babe and Halsey. How exciting is that?
Each celebrity will be launching one product for this collaboration. Dej Loaf and Halsey will be releasing a lip product, specifically a matte gray-blue lipstick and a shimmering nude gloss. Tinashe will be releasing an eyeshadow palette and it would only be right for Lion Babe to release a gold liquid liner. Each product will be released on a set date over the course of the next few months starting with Tinashe's palette on March 17. Are you excited? Well, you should be. Keep scrolling to see a quick sneak peak of the collab below.

MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow x 9/Tinashe ($32)

Clockwise from bottom left:
All Hands on Deck: light green shimmer (veluxe pearl)
Black Water: black with gold pearl (veluxe pearl)
Midnight Sun: shimmering mocha (frost)
Revelry: mauvey purple grey (satin)
Flame: mint silver shimmer (veluxe pearl)
Gleam: barely pinked gold (lustre)
Vulnerable: soft pearly purple (lustre)
Amethyst: deep purple with pink pearl (satin)
Quarry: soft muted plum-brown (matte)

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Halsey ($17)

MAC Cosmetics Lipglass in Dej Loaf ($15)

MAC Cosmetics Liquidlast Liner in Lion Babe ($21)

Will you be investing in any of these launches?
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