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Alright ladies, I wanted to share a card about dressing the part of your love story. And I'd LOVE to hear your love story, which you can comment on below, or even better, write a card about it! (YAY!!!!)
When it comes to fashion, the basis of everything that we wear is utilitarianism--functional garments. However, that's just the beginning. The rest of it is based on style, beauty, trends, ideas, visions, goals and STORY.
If you can believe it, we're not only well into 2016, but marching through February on a steady course. Two months in, with Valentine's Day peeking 'round the bend, what are you wearing to tell/attract your epic love story?
When you interview for a job, you're told to dress for success; my contention is that we should be dressing for all areas of success in our lives. Are you looking for love? Maybe you're totally crushing right now. Are you dressing in a way that respects WHO YOU ARE while still telling your story?
I put together this really cute #februarychic story board. It's about being fun, flirty, modest and love-story ready!
Plissé lamé mini dress
Gucci's mini dress is crafted from baby-pink lamé that shimmers with silver yarns - the plissé pleats add texture to create a high-shine effect. The classic shift silhouette is cinched at the center by an elasticated waist.
The modesty of the neckline balances the length of the skirt. The glittering reflection of the lame gives this a flirty spice, while the soft color pink is delicate, feminine and Valentine appropriate.
Jane metallic lizard-effect leather sandals
Saint Laurent's signature 'Jane' sandals are updated in glossy rose gold lizard-effect leather. This Italian-made pair is designed with slim straps for a leg-lengthening effect.
Virtually identical to the Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandal (that I LOVE), this is a modern approach to reptile as it has a pink-gold metal finish that is so hard to come by. It matches the dress without being matchy-matchy. And the open-toe sandal design is STUNNING!
Flora printed silk crepe de chine scarf
The watercolor-inspired print that decorates Rockins' scarf pays homage to the botanical creations of Flora Starkey. This skinny style is cut from silk crepe de chine and finished with glossy fringing.
Fringe may still be a by product of what was popular in 2015, but it's totally appropriate for this time of year as it adds a layer of modesty, femininity and "warmth" if his arms aren't already wrapped around you. The floral print says that you love all things pretty, especially flowers and wouldn't mind stopping by a sidewalk florist for a handful of posies.
No. 5 Perfume
Elegance. Beauty. Sophistication. And modern sensuality. Classic Chanel perfume fragrance that has stood the test of time and caressed the naked bodies of both women and men, vicariously.
J. Lo said it best, "I judge people by how they smell, not what they look like." AMEN! Make sure you're hygiene is on point and your perfume is delicate, soft, yet punctuated with classic notes that tell YOUR STORY. Chanel may not be for you, but you should wear something that accents and works well with your body's chemistry. Wear just enough that he has to keep leaning in, closer and closer to get that intoxicating aroma. Too much will ward him off--doing the exact opposite of what you want.
Now it's your turn! What does your wardrobe say about you? How is it working to tell your epic love story? What, about your clothes, is working against you?
(MY APOLOGIES if I missed any guys--in taking them off this list!!!!!!!!!)
I love that you gals are embracing your individual style and comfort. There is no one-look-fits-all out there, nor should there be. This card has achieved what I mostly intended--to encourage everyone to consider their clothing options, which you all have done long ago, which is how you developed your style. @1FallenAngel @jordanhamilton @LAVONYORK @EasternShell @TracyLynnn I'm not offended if my look isn't spot-on. This is purely an idea. :) Thank you!!!!
Ahhh, I adore this vintage look! Depending on how you wear the scarf, which I love, and your hair, it can be styled to look even more vintage! I do love it! ^_^ 💜
That scarf 😍 Although the dress is important, I always find the way you accessorize a dress can either make or break your outfit. plus you can wear a dress a million times and achieve different looks when you use different accessories! thank you for sharing!
@marshalledgar @nicolejb omg yessss! Do we have to come back?
Let's all go to Italy @nicolejb @ButterflyBlu
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