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~~~ WARNING!! SOME CHAPTERS WILL BE SMUT OR HEAVY LANGUAGE (nothing violent but just a lot of curse words)~~~ ~~~ This is dedicated to @Luna1171 because she's a hardcore Marksonian and I think she deserves this very much!!! ❀❀~~~
They were on an interview. They were asked why they would never hug or hold hands like they used to, but they didn't answer. Instead, they moved on to the other questions which were refered to the other members. They both looked at each other with so much ambition, both staring at their lips and back at their eyes. The eye contact was broken when Jackson looked away. They rest of the guys noticed this and looked at them until the end of the event. ~~~~~ Back at the dorms, Jackson and Mark had changed their roomates, so now Jakson is with Junior and Mark is with BamBam. Jackson missed Mark sleeping next to him and sometimes he would crawl into Junior's bed to not feel alone and sleep next to him, but it wasn't the same feeling; the warmth, the touch and breath wasn't the same and he hated it. "Jackson-ah" "Yeah, hyung" "Why are you on my bed again, if you miss him this much then talk to him and try to get back together" "Are you trying to ruin us?, I can't go back out with him...... because if I do then........ people would know" "Oh my god, stop caring about the fan's thoughts about the two of you and the questioning. If you want to be happy then do what you have to do...... before it's too late and you can't get him back." Jackson knew Junior was right, and he hated it when he was right. He couldn't sleep so he went down to the kitchen to drink something that would make him tired and go to bed. ~~~~ He was sitting on one of the chairs of the kitchen bar counter and closed his eyes. He started thinking and remembering everything him and Mark had gone through before their split, smiling like a fool. But it wore off when he heard the footsteps he knew all too well. As he looked up, he noticed Mark was standing in front of him...... very close to him. They both stared at each other without smiling, like they do when they look at each other's eyes, instead it was a more tired and sad look. Jackson tried walking away, but was pulled back by Mark's firm and delicately strong hands. He pulled Jackson closer to him, looking up knowing that he was shorter than Jackson. He looked into his eyes and then back down. "Why do we have to keep doing this?........ I don't want this anymore Jack.". He said, tears cascading down his cheeks. Jackson took long to respond. He sighed and then answered. "It's not our fault" "I miss you, I miss you so much!". His voice braking Jackson who couldn't bare to watch him cry, placed his forehead on Mark's and held his neck, moving his thump to Mark's bottom lip. Obsessed with kissing him and having him all his once again, he bit his lips and tried to contain his excitement. Mark got sick of holding it all in and kissed Jackson with force and hunger. He knew the consequences for starting all over again,but he didn't care, he wanted him, he wanted to touch him, kiss him, hold him and he wanted it now and forever. Jackson didn't back down. He moved Mark's head closer to his face. He wanted to feel his lips closer to his. He placed both of his hands down Mark's back and holding him very tight and close to feel his warm body with his. He missed this so much.
They went to the quietest room, which was the extra bedroom no one uses. Filled with hunger and passion they didn't hesitate get half naked. Jackson laid down on top of Mark and touched every single part of him he knew will make him moan; he knew Mark's body like the back of his hand. Mark moaned at the younger's touch and he slid his fingers down his back to get what he always liked about Jackson: Ferocious excitement. Their names were repeated by the both of them over and over again. The feeling of touching, kissing and exploring each other's body was killing them into fascination. But was it worth risking their careers....... for their crazy love and ambition?
I died not even halfway through OMG what the heck did I just read... Ah! Dying all over again just thinking about it omg!
I am dying but man there love is so strong there passion for one another and not wanting to give up amazing!!!@UnniecCakesAli @PrettieeEmm @luna1171 Ship them off all right πŸ‘@twistedPuppy
@luna1171 ahh Omg dying 😩
I'm fangirling!!!!! There love and need to be with each other!!!!!
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