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You date this guy but ur parents dont want him and he also dislikes ur parents now u have to decide between both wwyd?( This is zelo from BAP if you didnt know ) Tell me what you will do, cause i want to know:)
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Continue dating him and pray that they will all eventually get along...
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i would see why they dont like each other. then work it from there.
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Oh this is hard >< I would try to make them get along but when they don't I'll be pouting a lot
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I would ask them to be cordial to each other and then try and work on their relationship. If they both love me, then they should love me enough to at least pretend to get along.
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i would tell my parents i really like him, if they could make an effort to accept him. i would tell him to try to get along with my parents if he really liked me
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