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Yay, I finished building my YG-111 G-Self from Reconguista in G (HG). I seriously don't know many of these Gunpla's names, sorry lol. It took me longer actually, I thought I could build faster now lol. Anyways this is probably one of my favorite figure being not very complicated nor is it too simple. Also, shoutout to @lordeath666jp for letting me know you could buy weapons separately for the Gunpla. I hope you guys like the result of how it looks cause I sure like it. :) :D #gundam
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@Vellzo where do you get your models at
I don't have the patience for these but I want em so
@sergeishust you should get em then! It's worth building and putting it on a desk or shelf, it feels so good when you do (≧∇≦)
@JosephHarris I can't rlly reveal my location to be honest but I'll say in Japantown, they always got stuff I need
@Vellzo ok that's fine I understand lol