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I discovered this heart-wrenching photo of a young boy that, in the midst of a Manila monsoon, saved his dog from drowning by hoisting the dog over his back, holding its paws.
Maybe I'm just super sensitive today or I'm especially touched by this picture, but as soon as I saw it my eyes welled up and needed to blow my nose.
This is love.
Reminds me of when Hurricane Andrew hit in the 90s when newspapers blasted the shelters for forcing people to give up their pets in order to receive shelter. I don't even want to think about that right now. UGH!!!!
If this card is a downer--I'm sorry. But at least the boy and his dog were saved and didn't have to be separated!!!!! :)
When's the last time you had a cry-fest over a pet?
This is so precious. As a dog owner, i can relate. They are more than pets, they're family.
OH! Don't get me started on those shows! @Danse you and your mom are brave to punish yourselves with watching those shows. I can't do it. I would go bonkers. I remember, when I was a kid, we all went to go see Benji: The Hunted at the movie theater. Now, mind you, this movie is meant for kids, right?!?! I was beside myself with grief--and the movie wasn't even half over! I remember going to the bathroom sobbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad came in looking for me cuz i was in there for so long. You'd've thought I exited the theater with a handful of chopped onions! Like, I was crying so hard that I was physically exhausted. LOL Then I came home and found Chip, my cat at the time, resting on my bed. And I lost it. Again!
Me and Mom are always being caught watching pet rescue shows on animal planet. xD I swear every time I visit after my kid falls asleep me and my mom grab the tissues, popcorn and start binge watching soppy stories. (She even drags me into the hallmark channel >__<) What can I say? She raised me with lots of love, and I'm pretty sensitive to those sorts of things being a huge animal lover. ^_^
Last time I cried about my pet is @nicolejb's fault. Lol. (Jk!) :P I was telling her about my dog Jasmine. Jazz was my husband, Joe's K-9 police partner. He was assigned Jazz a couple of weeks before our son, Levi, was born, so they've always been companions. K9s live in your home, are part of the family, highly trained, etc. Exactly a month before Levi turned two, my husband was shot and killed on duty. Jazz was shot, also, resulting in an injury that required her to be retired. Joe's captain brought Jazz to my home as a gift from the department, to me and Levi, because she'd never lived with anyone else and the squad thought Joe would want her to watch over us. Every now and then, I just look at her, and the look in her eyes makes me cry, but she's the absolute best. 💜 And absolutely, their love is unconditional... It's amazing!!!
Awww he won my ❤!! He's the nicest guy in the world! N I'm so happy for the dog!!
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