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Hey guys sup this is kalyan i will be sharing funny anime pics so they will be shared approximately everyday or so and yeah.....thats it hope you enjoy thx. IF YOU ARE A REAL OTAKU SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!
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imagine being in public and someone doesnt know it bread. and they smile at how ur pet is then scream in horror when u bite into it....lol
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I want to make some of these, but jelly filled so I can freak people out when I bite it's cute little head off
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How the hell do you even eat something that stupidly adorable?! I'd cry. T_T
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@Danse i know right! XD all i kept seeing was some poor old ladys face watching u eat a hamster..lol
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@animedemon14 I like your sense of humor. :D I was thinking the same thing, what a horrible way to freak people out, ahahaha.
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