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Not as many people commented as I wanted but I know over time it will slowly grow^^ I was going to post this yesterday but A LOT of things came up so I had to delay it to today… I'll start in number order…
(Thats ↑Me↑) 1. Name So I have two names: Korean: Taelin American: Alexis As it says in my Bio I'm a Multi raced Korean. Tealin is my birth name given to me by my Father and Alexis was given to me by Mom after we move to the U.S.
2. Height I'm 5' 4" (about 162cm)
3. Age In America I'm 16 but in Korea about 18
16. Fav Song So I have 4 favorite songs cuz they're in different languages… English: Perfect Two Korean: Monsta X - Gone Bad Chinese: Wu Yi Fan (Kris) - Time Boils The Rain Japanese: OneOkRock - The Beginning
17. Fav. Animal penguins *^O^* I don't know why their my favorite but they just are^^
23. Pets I have a puppy. Her name is SangChu 장추 (I named her after the dog from To the Beautiful You)
31. Biggest Fear Having to socialize when I don't want to, w/ people I don't know (I have social anxiety)
33. Fandoms Now this is going to take a while… 15&, 24K, 2A.M., 2P.M., Akdong Musician, Astro, B1A4, B.A.P, Beast, Big Bang, B.I.G, Block-B, The Boss/DGNA, Botfriend, Boy's Republic, BTOB, BTS, Busker Busker, CNBlue, Cross Gene, Day6, EXO, F(X), Got7, Halo, High4, History, Infinite, JJCC, K-Much, Lucky J, LU:KUS, Lunafly, MadTown, Mamamoo, MABLQ, M.I.B, Monsta X, MyName, N.Flying, Noel, N.Sonic, NU'EST, Royal Pirates, Remeo, Seventeen, SHINee, Sistar, SNSD, Super Junior, Tasty, Teen Top, U-Kiss, UNIQ, Up10tion, VIXX, Winner, & ZPZG And this isn't including the Soloist and non-Korean groups I like…
34. Fav. TV Show ASC has helped me in many ways!!^^ Especially getting to know my favorite groups more as people then idols 。^‿^。
35. Fav. Movie The Last Unicorn
37. Fav. Thing About Myself My eyes…I've never been overly confident in my body or face…
45. OTP Oh…this is a hard one…Well my top 3 would have to be… 1. EXO - HunHan 2. Monsta X - Shownu & Minhyuk 3. BTS - NamJin
46. First Fandom SHINee…two years ago… K let me explain…I know, a lot of people think that I've been into kpop for longer considering I'm part Korean & I lived in Korea for the first 5 years of my life but I was never really interested in learning about Korea until one of my friends actually made me sit down and watch SHINee's Lucifer and Hello baby…⊙︿⊙
If you have any more questions plz ask I would love to answer them(^v^) If you wish not be tagged in any further cards plz do comment. Thank You^^ @luna1171 @staceyholly @PrincessUnicorn @kpopandkimchi @Kieuseru @funnelcackboo @MrsJungHoseok @Emealia @poojas @BulletproofV @AlloBaber @CassieChurchwar @SerenityThao @cindystran @BelencitaGarcia @MichaelOgg @CurrySoop @SailT Sorry I added your numbers late… @RaquelArredondo
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@CreeTheOtaku tag me too please, I'm a OneOkRock fan and would love to see your card. @AlexisRiver It is so nice to meet you. Love your music choices!
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your beautiful. can you pls tag me
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Hi! Nice to meet you! My name's Joseph but most people just call me Joe. Pretty awesome that you lived in Korea at one point, plus you have great taste in music! I'm pretty much always around so if you have any questions or if you just wanna talk just message me. Again, it's really nice to meet you!
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