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Trip to Korea Question
So, I made a card last time about my trip to Korea in March and I have a question...
I'll be alone in Korea and I only know one person and she's busy in school for the most part. I was just curious, but how do you guys go about making a Korean friend or travel buddy? Like, just someone to occasionally meet up with or hang out with? Or even study Korean with? Cause I don't particularly want to roam around Seoul by myself and it would be great to have a buddy...especially if I can have someone to Fangirl with too, haha (>.<) I'll be there for the whole month of March in the Songpa-gu area in Seoul :)
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안녕. there are useful group in Facebook. Korean and Foreigner for friendship. check it out
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@addri Hi! What would I have to type into the search? I tried and nothing seemed to be popping up for me (/.\) Haha, that would be cool ^^
2 years ago·Reply
@vonchio Oh! How does this work? Should I just post something?
2 years ago·Reply
@GamerKyumin just ask. and make friendship
2 years ago·Reply
I usually hear there are facebook groups for even tourists so you could check those out1
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