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So, I made a card last time about my trip to Korea in March and I have a question...
I'll be alone in Korea and I only know one person and she's busy in school for the most part. I was just curious, but how do you guys go about making a Korean friend or travel buddy? Like, just someone to occasionally meet up with or hang out with? Or even study Korean with? Cause I don't particularly want to roam around Seoul by myself and it would be great to have a buddy...especially if I can have someone to Fangirl with too, haha (>.<) I'll be there for the whole month of March in the Songpa-gu area in Seoul :)
@vonchio Oh! How does this work? Should I just post something?
안녕. there are useful group in Facebook. Korean and Foreigner for friendship. check it out
hiiiii my name is Addri!I'm going to Seoul, Korea in march too! March 10-18 :) I'm heading down there with 3 other friends. I am going to be in the same boat as you I can't speak Korean, but I am taking Korean classes right now so I will have a basic understanding of the language to get around. I think the best places to search on Facebook for meet ups. I checked a couple and there is some for hiking and just international Group stuff. so I would just check out Facebook. if you ever want to meet up and fan girl with somebody I'll be in Seoul during that time haha
I usually hear there are facebook groups for even tourists so you could check those out1
@GamerKyumin just ask. and make friendship
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