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I'm not going to lie. I love my McDonald's coffee. But it's gotta be made right because I hate coffee. So, as I 'dear diary' a bit in this card, I'm REALLY ASKING VINGLERS what your opinion is on the matter.
So, what does it mean when I'm minding my own business and someone that I know, but barely, comes up to me with the following:
Large McDonald's Iced Vanilla Coffee
*Extra cream
*Extra vanilla
*4 Splenda
And it's mixed for me?
The color is milky-tan, which tells me, at least visually speaking, that it's perfect. Then I take a sip, and it's bliss on my tongue. Suddenly my heart skips a beat.
But why? Is it love for the drink? Love for this person who handed it to me? Are they into me? Do I want them to be into me? Is this sweetened milk, with a hint of coffee, making me imagine there's a spark between us? Am I confusing this moment of luxe with love?
So basically, what I am trying to figure out is, IS THIS PERSON CRUSHING ON ME?


Thank you @1FallenAngel @Beeplzzz @EasternShell @MajahnNelson : ) I appreciate all the great comments.
Is it love?! Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.
omg. has this person been stalking you? how did he know?? I say wait it out. If something else happens then just ask straight up
It's an open door for communication. Someone who pays that much attention to detail may want to get to know you. I would tread lightly. This happened to me and the person even touched my knee and patted my leg. His gesture gave me the opportunity to set boundaries.
I agree with @KaiTakashima. Don't read too much into just the wonderful coffee. I think this person wanted just to catch your attention (success!). You will have to talk to them more to figure out their intent. Plus take into account your own feelings...are you interested in this person? Would you want to date them or just be a friend?
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