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One thing that adds another level of attractiveness to someone (in my eyes) would be tattoos. It adds this kind of badass, don't give a fuck, we can have a good time doing illegal things together vibe. Weither it's a full sleeve or just something small I still think it's hot. So here are some idols that have gone under the ink.
1st and most obvious, Mr. Jay Park. I mean other than his looks and music he's pretty much known for his tattoos
2nd the OG himself, G Dragon. My favorite on him would be his thigh tattoos >.<
next is Z I COOOO. Tbh would like him with or without tattoos
Majority of female idols either don't have tattoos or have very small ones, so I picked Hyuna to represent the girls because I honestly didn't imagine her to be in to tattoos and now for some honorable mentions
Chanyeol- EXO Amber- fx Taehyun- Winner Hyorin- Sistar and here are some edits or painted on tattoos
Yes Jimin gets his own photo group
shout out to this poor woman that got a really bad tattoo of Jackson of Got7