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Hey Cosmic Brownies! Today we're going to visit the realm of hatred and loathing: crappy main characters. For the most of us, we've taken a jolly 'ol stroll through these parts before. It usually comes with venturing into many genres and witnessing new tastes. And sometimes, these tastes are bitter and not-so-sweet. Today's subject: Makoto Itou
He's from School Days, possibly one of the worst anime I've seen (clearly an opinion, no hate pls bless my petty soul). Not my absolute LEAST favorite show, but he's definitely my most hated lead role. We start out with a seemingly regular high school student who has a seemingly regular crush on a seemingly regular girl who shares the same train as he.
Story goes, there's a crazy love triangle (octogon??), romance ensues, yadayada. This kid goes from attempting to pursue a harmless relationship with said crush, and all is GREAT until he literally cheats on everyone and becomes the man who ends up at the bottom of a cliff after being caught by his yandere wife. Or stabbed to death by his pregnant girlfriend. Such a shameless guy. All I can say is, despite how much I don't like the show, he got what he deserved.
Thoughts? Who is/are your least favorite lead(s)? Opinions are individual and not always agreed upon, so please, no flames. Until next time, thanks for reading! ~CosmicCassidy~
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Futaba is pretty dumb, I don't like her life choices lol but we've talked about this
@SeoInHan That we have haha, I totally would've thought you'd say Yuki though!!
@CosmicCassidy that's another topic for.. never actually...she doesn't exist
he has what's coming to him in the end