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One of the best dessert flavor combinations is the pairing of both sweet and tart. If you're ready to do something different this Cupid Season, then try piping your own sweet strawberry flavored buttercream icing onto rich, moist, decadent chocolate-chocolate chip mini cupcakes, and topping with ripe, tart sliced strawberries.
That's exactly what you're seeing here from master cake artist and baker, Alisha Henderson of Sweet Bakes in Melbourne, Australia. @InPlainSight @Mattk95 would you guys be into treating the lovelies in your lives with something like this?

Here's the trick:

1. Purchase cake bites or brownie bites from a Costco (or some place like that) so you you don't have to bake a thing!
2. Find a simple, easy, delicious recipe for icing. Like this one by fellow Vingler @DaniaChicago. Add strawberry flavor (if you like) and pipe onto the mini cupcakes!
3. Buy ONLY THE FRESHEST strawberries that are tart! Slice them up and top the mini cupcake.
Treating your bae with these treats is going to make Cupid Season all the more spectacular! (Just don't tell them you cheated by not baking the actual cake part!)

Are you inspired to make this?

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These look so sweet that they make my teeth hurt! Lol.
Smart huh!! I want to eat that cupcake it looks so delicious!!
I'm going to make these and give them away at work. lol
*Sneaks into @marshalledgar 's work for that day only, just for the goodies*
These look stupid easy to make from scratch and I think I will. They're perfect for setting out for the kids and parents at the studio. Not too sweet and easy to make a variety of, as well. @Danse, I'll go to the store with you, love, but I'll be no be no help in preventing the purchase of sweets…