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Hello nakamas! This morning (or around 12 hours ago) I posted a card about me hitting 400K-views. And to celebrate, I thought I'd do @AlloBaber 's challenge to Vingle, but on me personally. You can find the original source of her questions here This will be kinda like my AMA I had for the 200K-views Special, but this one contains different questions and so, more centered around stuff and things like relationship, sexuality, "would you" and Vingle. So... 30 questions... Should be easy, right?
1. If you could spend one day as a member of the opposite sex, what would you do? - I would probably just go about my day as per usual...then fondle and feel my "new" parts and so when I get home 2. Have you ever broken someone's heart? Who and why? - No. It was more the other way around. And it wasn't as my heart was broken (she would have left me). More like it destroyed my heart (her...life...was lost in an accident). It's personal and I'd rather not go into more details about it, thank you :) And no worries, I have found love again :) 3. What do you think someone's (real life) first impression of you is? - "He looks...normal...?" 4. If you could make out with literally anyone in the world, who would you choose, and why? - My wife because my wife... 5. What is the stupidest decision you've ever made? - Starting watching anime. It has eaten away my life and redirected my focus and stuff away from games, friends and such. But it's still one of the best decisions I've made. Stupid does not equal the worst, although they come often hand-in-hand 6. Do you know the name of every person you've ever kissed? Yes 7. You are granted with the power to bring one fictional character to life – but you MUST marry them. Who do you choose? - I would choose Holo, since she's a deity. That means I would also become a deity (EDIT: Misinterpreted question. I thought it stood that I could have the powers of the character and not that the character would come alive. But I'd still choose Holo) 8. Same question as above, with one difference... you can bring any fictional character to life, but you MUST kill them. Who do you choose? - I'd choose someone who annoys me much...like Shu from Guilty Crown... 9. What's the most embarrassing/incriminating website in your recent browser history? XD - Lovepanky.com It's fascinating reading about other people's experience with sex and love 10. What was the worst part of going through puberty for you? - My voice changing from something with kinda high-pitch to very low and shit like that. My childhood friends always comment on that... 11. What is your weirdest habit? - I dunno. Habits are usually a unique trait often assoicated with a character but the character itself might not be aware of it. Maybe that I put pepper on mostly every meal I eat (where pepper is eligable to have)? 12. If someone offered you $1000 to walk into a store naked and try to buy something, would you do it? How much would you have to be paid? - Nope. Here is Sweden, it's almost always cold and I don't want to freeze. But it'd get warmer the higher the number goes. 13. What is your crush's first name? - Uhm...Olivia, I think... 14. What's your most embarrassing guilty pleasure? - Everytime I listen to a song, no matter what it is about, I play it inside my head as a music-video and I need to direct it to fit the theme and so... 15. Would you rather always have to say everything you're thinking, or never be able to speak again? - Always have to say everything I'm thinking. I do that anyways... 16. What's your biggest turn-off? - To what? Sex? I dunno...maybe if the partner was a smoker. 17. Have you ever been in love? How did you know? - I am right now and very very deeply. I didn't know until I could really feel that it hurt unless I got to talk to my SO 18. What aspect of yourself are you most self-conscious about? - My ability to analyze anything and everything 19. Confess something you've never told anyone before. - I dunno...I've watched Boku no Pico? Oh...and that I found it interesting in a very different way than sexual pleasure...: "What made the creators compelled to do this hentai?" Bothers me to this day... 20. What is your deepest, darkest fear? - That my friends would abandon me 21. Have you ever stolen something? What was it and how old were you? - I don't think I've stolen something recently if my memory serves me right. It could have been that I was too young and would either have not seen it as stealing or not remembering it as so. 22. Would you consider living life as a nudist if it meant all your dreams would come true? - Why not? I stay mostly at home anyways... 23. What do you daydream about? - Hugging my wife and sleeping in general 24. Which out of the following body parts do you find the sexiest: elbow, ear, toenail, nostril, or leg hair? - Ears. Ears have the ability to entice many many things on a human body and mind, especially a woman's. It can listen to words, be influenced or seduced my them. Being touched by a lover can awaken a desire to kiss. And more... 25. Have you ever Vingled naked? - Just browsing or posting? I've never posted something while even remotely naked and I have browsed in my underwear, which is kinda obvious as I surf here through the Vingle-app on my phone in bed with only my underwear on. 26. What's the most annoying about your best friend / significant other? - With my best friend...he can be a very very suggestive. And nothing that I know of my SO... 27. What is your ideal body type for a partner? Describe in detail. - Healthy. That's really all I really care about as that word covers alot of things on a body 28. Who's your idol / role model and why? - Arima Kousei, Sherlock Holmes, Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry. Why? Inspirational, skills in deducing, knows his words and humble yet rational mind respectively. 29. What Vingler would you most like to ask out on a date?? ;) - Why? I have my wife...And I don't know that many female Vinglers or well enough to ask them out on a date (anyone can still ask me) 30. What is the craziest thing you've ever done? - Joined Vingle. But seriously, I was on a training camp with my swimming team for two weeks and me and my friend got the challenge to eat 3 raw eggs every morning. That's 42 eggs...

If you have any questions of your own, I'll happily answer them down in the comments below!

And thank you guys again for letting me hit 400K. It's all on you! //VoidX X
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#30 is a big Lie. No WAY that's the craziest thing you've ever done. You're holding out on us! :PPPP
@VoidX cool.
@VoidX That sounded like a bunch of excuses. Don't think you can pull the wool over my eyes just because you're some fancy writer. *throws peanuts and popcorn* Joining Vingle isn't crazy, it's what you DO on Vingle that's crazy. No one said anything about it being bad either. *snort* xD
@VoidX yes. what is your favorite Genre of Anime/manga and why?
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