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(=^‥^=) I knew talking to myself wasn't a big deal. There are others with much bigger issues. *cough*
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See I embrrace insanity but I also have a time and place rule associated with it
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I've watched this video before and she's just a shame. She doesn't even know anything about cats!! My gosh.
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Wtf?! Meow meow meow n he understands what she says really ppl?? Smh
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@Danse *You've met your match xD * - Stop embarrassing yourself already- * I'm not embarrassing myself I'm having fun XP * - Well you're embarrassing me- /Never fear for I am here!/ -oh great not this clown- /Yes it is I, the hero of legend. The Tortissaur xD/ -You go,ouy in public like that?- /YUS XP/ *Loving it xD * -Only you would- */YUS*/
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