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Today I found this really great love quote by Frida Kahlo. She says, "Take a lover who looks at you as if you're magic." How beautiful is that?! That's the kind of look where your lover has that glint of light and fire in their eyes when they look at you, talk to you and even think of you!
I have to stop and ask myself, am I becoming more like the person I want to be?
Not only do I want to be looked at as though I was magic, but I want to be able to be that lover who looks on as though I've been transfixed by magic!
Here's to all the single guys and gals out there who have yet to find a lover like that. We're sticking together until that day comes!
Such a lovely quote, you have the best outlook @marshalledgar!! :D It exists out there for everyone, I firmly believe it <3
I love that! 馃槃
What a beautiful sentiment.
I don't know how to write this but that quote was very true to me when I met him.. but..sorry.. my story really complicated.
i want someone who looks at me the way i look at pizza..
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