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We all have that one thing that ticks us off.

Especially when it's coming from our significant other. Whether your single, in a relationship or living with your spouse, we can all agree that we each have a pet peeve when it comes to that special [yet slightly annoying] person in our lives. It's okay, admit it -- more than likely they can say the same about you.
It's the things that get on our nerves that in an odd way make us love them even more. No matter how many times you remind them how much [insert pet peeve here] gets on your nerves, they can never seem to stop. If you can relate, keep scrolling and see what pet peeves other couples have in the hilarious video below.

What's a pet peeve of yours that drives you crazy?

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Ohhh this is hard. I guess one of my pet peeves is not saying "thank you" when I do something nice? Idk if that's one though... haha
That's definitely one! I hate that too. Lol def not alone on that one @nicolejb
My biggest pet peeve, no matter what, is disrespecting your partner. If you can't respect me, you won't have me. It's that easy. And that's what you're talking about with the married couples, @BeannachtOraibh @marshalledgar @jordanhamilton. It's just ugly and wrong. I know what you mean about flowers, too, Beanie. I get them a lot...basically every single time we compete in dance, they're presented to us. Or if our studio puts on a performance, say Swan Lake, then the students present me with a bouquet. Not that I mind! I love flowers and I have a full garden around my home and potted plants scattered throughout my interior. As much as I love the beauty of a bouquet for a "moment", I'd much rather a potted plant to keep alive.
Yes! Respect is everything, but like Lauryn Hill said "respect is just the minimum" with respect comes so much more, but if someone can't respect you then they need to hit the road @ButterflyBlu