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Admit it. Everyone has a favorite sibling.

Kylie revealed to the world who her favorite sibling might be after naming one of her hippies from her new lip kit after her sister, Khloe. I mean can we blame her though? Who wouldn't want Khloe for a sister? Out of all her siblings, Khloe definitely seems like the most down to earth and fun to be around.
Not only did she name one of the lip products after her sister, but she also named a lippie after her grandma Mary Jo. The two lippies are named Koko and MJ. Seriously, how cute is that? The lippies launched and not much to our surprise they all sold out like hotcakes, once again. I guess all we can do is wait patiently for another launch. In the meantime, you can continue to check the site to see if they ever restock [here].
I definitely agree!!! And the colors are great! :) @ButterflyBlu
Yesterday believe it or not! @LAVONYORK
lol wow!! I like the colors, too. It has to feel good, right? No matter who you are!
Omg sold out! When did she release it!?