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1. Picture of your favorite Official MADE series artwork.
2. Weirdest TOP Instagram post Personally, I don't find anything weird about his posts. I randomly picked this one to fulfill the requirement of the hunt.
3. Picture, video, or gif of a BB member playing an instrument
4. Clip or full episode of BB TV with English subs This video never get old for me
5. Seungri on a boat
6. Video/gif -OR- three (3) pictures of Mnet's MPD with any of BB's members
7. Taeyang Fan Art Just a few of my favorites
8. What is Hwangtaeji A team, adorable & goofy but also caring & serious.
9. What is your favorite thing about Daesung & why? His eye smile & laugh, to me they are infectious. I can't see him smiling or laughing & not end up doing the same thing myself. Even after his hardships his eye smile & laugh remain.
10. Picture of your favorite G-Dragon hairstyle & what you love about it. This was rough, I think it would be easier to find one I don't like rather than try to pick a favorite. 1. I absolutely love him with red hair in any shade. 2. I like the versatility of this one. One minute it could be very polished & neat, the next it could be rumpled & a sexy mess.
11. Picture or video of kids cosplaying as BB
12. Tell me something about BB that I don't know. Include media of some type. I came across this on BIGBANGUPDATES, don't ask me how I missed it but I did. In the interview they cover many things but what stuck out for me is the way he (TOP) answers the questions. Even though it's text I could easily pick up on his passion for the arts. I love how even though he comes from a family who is very art centered, he chose to walk his own path & eventually in his own time came to it himself. It's not a phase or passing fancy for him. When it comes to his collection a lot of time & effort is put into it, not just "ooo I like that! Mine!" Link to interview: http://bigbangupdates.com/2015/02/choi-seunghyuns-interview-joongang-sunday.html#


13. What are you eating? Ramen with none of my usual extras.
14. What does the image above make you think of? I saw this pic & the second pic is immediately what came to mind. (I may have a slight (huge) obsession with Doctor Who)
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@EliseB I'm mainly into the new series, but I've seen a lot of the classic. I don't fangirl so much over the classic.
I want ramen now. Yours looks so good. SO GOOD! From one Whovian to another, you have made me excited for the future.
I love the Doctor Who.
@Helixx Thank you, usually there's way more to it but I was starving so I went for quick & simple. Also from one Whovian to another, new series only or classic as well?