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Part 4!! Sorry for the wait. I had midterms yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to update. Forgive me. Happy Reading!
You drop the glass you were holding, hearing it shatter on the floor. Your mind starts to race. "W-What," you stutter out. You start to get queasy and your legs start to go numb. You feel yourself fall forward. Baekhyun catches you and lets you rest on his shoulder. "We have to go," he says, You nod and feel Baekhyun lift you up over the shards of glass on the floor. He walks out of your apartment and puts you into the passenger seat of his car. You put on your seat belt as Baekhyun gets in the car and starts it. He zooms out of the parking lot, heading towards the hospital.
During the ride, your mind starts pestering you with questions: 'Was he alright? how bad was the accident? Is he hurt? Is he alive?' You push that last thought away. 'He has to be alright?' you think, 'He has to be." You stare out of the window and watch the cars drive by. You hear the honking of horns from people rushing to get home. Street lights illuminate the road as the sun is almost out of view. You feel your chest get heavy. You didn't want Chanyeol to be gone. You wanted him to be with you. You wanted him to be by your side. You think of the last words you said to him. You feel a pain in your heart. 'Is this my fault' you ask yourself. You put your hand over your mouth. Your thoughts were biting at you. You couldn't push them away. You fight back your tears and try to calm yourself down, but you don't succeed Baekhyun looks at you from the drivers seat, noticing how distraught your were. He reaches for your hand and takes it in his. "He's going to be okay," he says as he traces circles on your hand, comforting you. You turn and nod at him. You can see the fear in Baekhyun's eyes, so you give his hand a reassuring squeeze. You continue to look out the window, silence comforting both of you.
When you enter the parking lot, you immediately take off your seat belt and bolt out of the car and straight to the E.R entrance. "Hold on," Baekhyun called out as he locked his car. You ignore him and continued running. When you enter, you see Suho talking to one of the doctors. "Suho," you yell as you run up to him. "Is he okay?" He nods, "It was a minor car accident. They're making sure he doesn't have any major injuries." "Thank god," you sigh out, a weight being lifted off your chest. Baekhyun walks up and turns to Suho, "Can we see him?" Suho's eyes change. He grows nervous. You don't notice this, but Baekhyun does. "What's wrong," he asks. Suho sighs. "You can, but she can't." You look up at Suho, dumbfounded. "What?" "Chanyeol requested that you should not be let in to see him." "Why," you ask, still confused. "I don't know," he replies. You look down at the floor. You don't know how to respond to him. You feel an arm wrap around your shoulder. "Hey," you hear Baekhyun say. "It'll be okay." You feel a tear fall on your cheek. You quickly wipe it away. You don't need anyone else seeing you cry. "C-Can someone take me home?" you ask. "Sure," Suho says. "I'll take you. Baekyun," he turns his gaze from you to Baekhyun. "Stay her in case the doctor comes back. The others will be here shortly." Baekhyun nods and takes his arm off of you. Suho turn toward the exit. You trail behind him, keeping your eyes on the floor.
Suho drops you off at your apartment complex. You wave at him and start walking up the stairs to your apartment. When you enter, you slam the door shut. You enter the living room and start pacing. You run a hand through your hair. Tears start to coat your cheeks. "What did I do wrong?" you say to no one. You kept repeating that question out loud as more tears fall from your eyes. You walk into your bedroom and grab one of the pillows laying on the bed. You put it up against your face and scream. You fall to the floor and continue to sob, holding the pillow close to your chest. "What did I do?" you repeat. You look at your nightstand and grab the framed picture of Chanyeol. You look at his smiling face. You feel anger bubbling up inside you. "What did I do to make you hate me?!" you scream at the top of your lungs. You then chuck the frame at the wall, hearing it break. You feel hot tears fall on your cheeks as you let out loud sobs. You lay down in the fetal position and cry out in pain. The helplessness you feel starts overtaking your thoughts. All you can do is cry until you can't breathe. You feel your sobs get lighter. The pain slowly subsides and you can breathe normally again. You hear your phone go off. You check it, and see a message from Baekhyun. "Chanyeol's okay. They discharged him to go home. He's staying with me tonight." You feel a knot well up in your throat. You type "Okay" and set your phone on silent. You get up ad crawl into bed, crying until you drift off to sleep.
freaking chanyeol. that's all I can say... I'm so frickinnn pisssed... ㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ
omg omg omg update soon. so much angst, i lov.
cheez I - I don't even know what to say
❤...🌋...💔 that's how I feel
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