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I've been trying to think of a way to put this without sounding offensive or rude, which is not my intention at all. this is just my opinion on one of my favorite characters in the x titles, and I feel like marvel just threw away years of his development, just to shake up his story. the thing that has me feeling the most bitter is that marvel made iceman gay...
now let me try to explain my point. Judy Harmon Zelda Lorna Dane Opal Tanaka Emma Frost Annie Ghazikanian Mystique Kitty pryde all of these women have one thing in common. all have been some type of love interest of Bobby Drake at one time or another, and he's felt so strongly for some in a romantic, physical, sexual way, that he has came to blows about some of his closest friends about some of the ladies mentioned above. he's never showed any interest in any guys on the team, but all of a sudden he's gay? when did that happen?
now I have no problems with his younger alternate timeline version of himself is homosexual because he doesn't have the history that the original version does of being a complete letcher...
in my eyes, this was a bit of a cop out move by marvel.
I think my question when this reveal happened was... why was bisexual not an option? Or pansexual? Of course, there are some gay people who go through a period dating a gender they're not attracted to- and that's a legitimate experience. But it doesn't really feel like that's what they were going for? It felt like they we're going for real representation, they just wanted to look like they cared
that's exactly my point! how can you take a character that's known for his strong feelings for the better sex, and completely me him something that he's never in all his long history showed any traits of feeling? young iceman being gay when be fine, and it would have given both characters a great storyline , especially when you think about how Bobby grew up around his father. marvel took the easy road out on this.
@TonyjJohnson771 oooh yeah that could have been a really cool idea! It would have given them the opportunity to talk about their identities and both of them would have been valid experiences. Wow. This definitely seems really ill thought-out