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WARNING : Mature, gang related content

After all that had happened Yongguk is back to his old ways of sitting quietly in silence. However, it's more comfortable and less confining than it was before. But I still need to talk with him about some things.

"Can I ask a question?"


"What lead to that fight with Youngjae was me asking about why Daehyun had said my brother was a traitor. We didn't get much farther than him telling me that you and his brother had asked Himchan to be in this gang almost ten years ago."

An exhausted look washes over him. "That's right."

"What exactly happened?"

"A lot." His tone is final and dismissive.

"Yongguk, please tell me."

There's a few moments before he responds. "Fine. It began about two years after we had started out that Sungmin started to become distrustful of Himchan. He didn't know what he was planning or what he might do next."


"I think we made a mistake."

Yongguk raises an eyebrow questioning Sungmin's seriousness.

"Himchan. I don't know what's going on in his head. He's got a constant poker face; I can't trust him."

"We can't get rid of him now. He's a partner. There's not much we can do."

"I know. But I have an idea."


"You know my little brother, Youngjae?"

Yongguk nods.

"Kid's a damn genius."

"After knowing you for several years I don't think I can believe that someone sharing your genetics could possibly be a genius."

"Aren't you just too funny; be serious. Look at it this way, he got all the smarts that I should have had, so he's intelligent. Like two people worth of smarts."

"Okay, okay. What about him?"

"He's got potential, but I don't think he'll get much from a normal public school. With the money we're making now I think I could afford to pay fees for him to go to a better school that'll teach him more."

"What's this have to do with Himchan?"

"I'm gettin there. If I send him to a good school so he'll become as smart as I think he can, we could bring him in. We could, what do you call it, groom him? We could prepare him to take over for Himchan."

"That's great, but we still can't kick Himchan out. And if we have to wait 4 more years before your brother can even come in here, Himchan will have invested himself into this even more. Why the hell would he decide to up and leave?"

"I'll insist that Youngjae be involved in setting up plans and strategies. He's not afraid to speak his mind or say when something's shit. He's smart Yongguk, he could be smarter than Himchan. So if he keeps poking holes in all his plans, Himchan’s going to quit. He's not going to stay around to be humiliated by a newbie."

"That honestly seems really thought out. I'm not even making fun of you, good job. It could work."

"Yeah, but there's a small problem."

Yongguk sighs and rubs his temple.

"The kid's a bit of a softie. There's still time for him to grow up a little, but I don't know if it's in his nature to be like us. He's kinda tender hearted."

"Well that shit won't work in this business. Either he gets tougher or we're out of luck."


"Why couldn't he trust him?"

"Himchan has a way about him. It's not like he's putting on a brave face and trying to hide his fear; he has none. He doesn't feel it anymore. In a way that can be good, his judgment doesn't get clouded, but it's...not normal. A lot of things about him just aren't normal."

"Like what?" I hate hearing this, but I can't stay in the dark anymore.

"When you can't get a thrill out of life anymore, when there's no sense of fear, you're going to try real hard to get some of that feeling back."

"To feel alive." Youngjae's words are running through my head.

"Exactly. So when things were steady and going great he'd get bored. He'd decide we needed to raid a competitor's warehouse when we didn't particularly need to. Yeah, it's more product, but it's unnecessarily dangerous."

"I see."

"What got our attention though was about four years ago when he decided he'd start going with us on these missions. He never wanted to put himself out there before. At one time he was afraid of getting hurt or dying. However, now he wanted to be out in the line of fire with the rest of us. That was a huge shift in character; one we couldn't ignore. That's when we brought Youngjae in since he'd just graduated."

"Why did you need to bring him in?"

"The plan was to have him break Himchan. And we were going to get this plan in motion as soon as possible; but it would still take a lot of time. Youngjae still needed to learn the ways of our work. He desperately needed to toughen up and that was necessary if he was ever going to be trusted by everyone. Cause if they don't trust him, they won't follow his orders."

"You had a lot of work ahead of you. All that just to get rid of my brother."

"It wasn't easy that's for sure. Now, about a year after that, he started wanting to "expand our horizons" with other types of work. Things we'd never even discussed because we had established certain standards about what we'd do and what we'd stay out of. But he insisted that we do it. That we had to in order to get a bigger and better operation that would be taken more seriously."

"What was it he wanted to be involved in?"

He sighs and looks down for a moment. "We'd worked with a lot of things; extortion, drug smuggling and distribution, arms dealing, and a few smaller things. But he wanted to start working with prostitution and we weren't going to have it."

"My brother wanted to be in charge of prostitutes! Why would he want to do that? Those are people being exploited, even if they aren't being forced into it, it's still wrong!"

"Exactly. We were able to hold him off on that for a while, but it was either now or never. We had to get Youngjae in there working on strategies and ideas with him. We told Himchan that he was just teaching him how to do things in case something happened to him and he wasn't around. He was okay with that. But after awhile Youngjae did what we expected; he spoke his mind. He poked holes in nearly everything and wanted to alter almost every plan. At first Himchan didn't take him seriously, he assumed since he was young and hadn't been there long that he simply wasn't understanding what was going on. But when he'd have him elaborate on his problems with strategies and his ideas to change plans, he realized his own faults. He realized he wasn't as good as he thought he was. Youngjae intimidated your brother. Something no one else could manage to do because no one had been able challenge his biggest strength; his intelligence."

"Youngjae is really that smart?"

"To be honest, smart is an understatement. He's a bona-fide genius. He can think things out in such detail, he has a plan B for most unexpected obstacles, and he can predict what the other people are going to do to the point that you think he really can see into the future. Not to mention his business sense. To put it simply; he knows when to hold, when to fold, and when to go all in. And as of now, he's never steered us wrong or had a failure."

"So that means your plan was working? His being a genius must have made it quick."

"Actually, the moment Himchan began questioning his abilities is exactly when things started spinning out of control and Sungmin's plan went up in flames."


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