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Too Faced has won many girls over with their chocolate eyeshadow palettes but this is just mind blowing! A peanut butter & jelly eyeshadow palette! So excited for this especially if it smells like pb & j !
Not to mention those shadows are just gorgeous ! The browns and 2 purples are the perfect balance. & Just read the names, are they not just irresistible? !?! "spread the love", "bannanas", "jammin", & so many more. I can't wait to have these baddies! What do you all think? What shadow color called you or whats your experience with too faced? @jordanhamilton @tessStevens
Yes!!!! I just bought one of the palettes in this series it's the Rock and roll palette. I just put it in my favorites. God the shadows from this line are so pigmented!!!
Same her!!! Def draws the buyer in for sure @stephosorio
@jordanhamilton right. I love when they get creative with their palettes and collections
Def quirky and cute!!!! I love it!!!
@TessStevens how are the colors? im so excited yo use their new shadows