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Why sensitive people don't always share their feelings

Your heart beats wildly, you’re nervous. You go to say something or talk about how someone makes you feel…and nothing… you’re silent. Almost terrorized by your own translucent fear. But what fear? How is this even actually scary?
The path to discovering I was a “highly sensitive person” was filled with little inklings of previous nervousness and anxiety about professing my feelings for someone I knew already liked and cared about me. Anytime I thought about saying anything from “I really care about you” to “I missed you” nothing came out. All the things I wanted to say stemmed from a deeper root cause. A root attached to a lot of emotion. Naturally a fear came with it, not because I was in any immediate danger but because if I were to say just this one thing it would be linked to many feelings and memories, for me. I would think about saying something and I would relive or recall all the memories and feelings that happened to get to this place of how I feel now… “I missed you”. So what is the fear that came with this? Tears.
I avoid, quite often, saying things that are really important for people to hear, things people should hear, even things I know they want to hear. I know with the way I process things –so strongly and with so much thought and feeling I would most definitely start to tear up when I begin to mention or address them. When it comes to anything serious I might as well be a fish or a mermaid with the way my tear ducts spill water.
Here I am in my mid-twenties and I have finally figured out something about myself previously unrealized. Even though I consider myself fairly tough, I am highly sensitive. Although, it may sound like something really “girly” it’s not. It’s actually a fairly common innate personality trait that 1 in 5 people possess and there are different levels to being a HSP.
Dr. Elaine Aron first started researching high sensitivity in 1991 and continues to do research on it now. Publicizing this trait and notifying the world of how common but not well understood it was in the early 90's she gained some traction in introducing it to others.
This trait is not a new discovery, but it has been misunderstood. Because HSPs prefer to look before entering new situations, they are often called “shy.” But shyness is learned, not innate. In fact, 30% of HSPs are extroverts, although the trait is often mislabeled as introversion.
While it is still not well understood it is being seen more and more. Aron addresses that this trait is too common amongst people to be a disorder. It is also found amongst other species. HSP reflects a certain type of survival strategy; observing more before acting, which is beneficial to more than just one species.
While this trait can be a plus it can also cause more stress, not only because you may sometimes be fighting strong emotions but since highly sensitive people overly notice everything they become easily-overwhelmed or stimulated when things are too chaotic or complex (So try to be kind to the HSP in your life).
Aron addresses an important point in all of this, being that this is NOT abnormal regardless of how sensitivity is valued or perceived in your culture. Having emotion is okay, it is what makes us human. A culture that perceives it well is great but if you don't have that at least make sure you surround yourself with people who do well in accepting your sensitivity. Having supportive and understanding friends and family will only make your journey easier and helps lessen sensitivity.
Huffington Post's Top habits of Highly Sensitive People
1. They feel more deeply.
2. They're more emotionally reactive.
3. They're probably used to hearing, "Don't take things so personally" and "Why are you so sensitive?"
4. They prefer to exercise solo.
5. It takes longer for them to make decisions.
6. They are more upset if they make a "bad" or "wrong" decision.
7. They're extremely detail-oriented.
8. Not all highly sensitive people are introverts.
9. They work well in team environments.
10. They're more prone to anxiety or depression (but only if they've had a lot of past negative experiences).
11. That annoying sound is probably significantly more annoying to a highly sensitive person.
12. Violent movies are the worst.
13. They cry more easily.
14. They have above-average manners.
15. The effects of criticism are especially amplified in highly sensitive people.
16. Cubicles = good. Open-office plans = bad.
For more information on Highly Sensitive People we recommend the Telegraph's: Highly Sensitive People, a condition rarely understood.
THIS IS SO ME. Really though, I'm one of the most emotional people I know, yet I rarely share how I'm feeling. I feel like this is an awesome card to share with the Feeler (MBTI) types --- what do you all think? @EasternShell @buddyesd @AnimeLove300 @VeronicaArtino @DavidPatrick16 @Theearliestbird @EliseB @jordanhamilton @AimeeH @dropuentex @Ercurrent @seouls @notgucci3 @szewwy @RavenWilde @Kirik
@dropuentex I feel like I could get that at taco bell.
I get that too @szewwy it's like you can understand other peoples emotions more than you can explain your own. Or sometimes for me it's finding the right person to explain it too! hahaha brush you feeling the feels @dropuentex?
Definitely me, although I've been growing out of my sensitivity lately @nicolejb
I'm a sensitive person but I don't really talk about it because it's just kinda hard to explain how I feel and sometimes I feel like what good will it do to tell someone when nothing ever changes.
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Why to learn MongoDB
As we observe, today’s world that the majority of the people are switching to MongoDB, there are still many that like better to use a standard electronic database . Here, we'll discuss why MongoDB should we choose? Like every coin has two faces, it's own benefits and limitations. for more techniques go through MongoDB online training Hyderabad So, are you able to explore the explanations to find out MongoDB? These are some reasons, of why MongoDB is popular. Aggregation Framework BSON Format Sharding Ad-hoc Query Capped Collection Indexing File Storage Replication MongoDB Management Service (MMS) i) Aggregation framework We can use it during a very efficient manner by MongoDB. MapReduce are often used for execution of knowledge and also for aggregation operations. MapReduce is nothing but a process, during which large datasets will process and generate results with the assistance of parallel and distributed algorithms on clusters. It consists of two sets of operations in itself, they are: Map() and Reduce(). Map(): It performs operations like filtering the info then performing sorting thereon dataset. Reduce(): It performs the operation of summarizing all the info after the map() operation. ii) BSON format It is JSON-like storage a format. BSON stands for Binary JSON. BSON is binary-encoded serialization of JSON like documents and MongoDB uses it, when to stores documents in collections. we will add data types like date and binary (JSON doesn’t support). BSON format makes use of child as a primary key up here . As stated that child is getting used as a primary key so it's having a singular value related to itself called as ObjectId, which is either generated by application driver or MongoDB service. Below is an example to know BSON format during a more better way: Example- { "_id": ObjectId("12e6789f4b01d67d71da3211"), "title": "Key features Of MongoDB", "comments": [ ... ] } Another advantage of using BSON format is that it enables to internally index and map document properties. because it is meant to be more efficient in size and speed, it increases the read/write throughput of MongoDB. iii. Sharding The major problem with any web/mobile application is scaling. to beat this MongoDB has added sharding feature. it's a way during which , data is being distributed across multiple machines. Horizontal scalability is being given the sharding. It is a sophisticated process and is completed with the assistance of several shards. Each shard holds some a part of data and functions as a separate database. Merging all the shards together forms one logical database. Operations up here are being performed by query routers. MongoDB online course for more skills and techniques. iv. unplanned queries MongoDB supports range query, regular expression and lots of more sorts of searches. Queries include user-defined Javascript functions and it also can return specific fields from the documents. MongoDB can support unplanned queries by employing a unique command language or by indexing BSON documents. Let’s see the difference between SQL SELECT query and resembling query: E.g. Fetching all records of student table with student name like ABC. SQL Statement – SELECT * FROM Students WHERE stud_name LIKE ‘«C%’; MongoDB Query – db.Students.find({stud_name:/ABC/ }); v. Schema-Less As it may be a schema-less database(written in C++), it's far more flexible than the normal database. thanks to this, the info doesn't require much to line up for itself and reduced friction with OOP. If you would like to save lots of an object, then just serialize it to JSON and send it to MongoDB. vi. Capped Collections MongoDB supports capped collection, because it has fixed size of collections in it. It maintains the insertion order. Once the limit is reached it starts behaving sort of a circular queue. Example – Limiting our capped collection to 2MB db.createCollection(’logs’, {capped: true, size: 2097152}) viii. Indexing To improve the performance of searches indexes are being created. we will index any field in MongoDB document either primary or secondary. Due to this reason, the database engine can efficiently resolve queries. viii. File Storage MongoDB also can be used as a file storing system, which avoids load imbalance and also data replication. This function performed with the assistance of Grid filing system , it's included in drivers which stores files. ix. Replication Replication is being provided by distributing data across different machines. It can have one primary node and quite one secondary nodes in it (replica set). This set acts sort of a master-slave. Here, a master can perform read and write and a slave copies data from a master as a backup just for a read operation. for more techniques go through MongoDB online training x. MongoDB Management Service (MMS) MongoDB features a very powerful feature of MMS, thanks to which we will track our databases or machines and if needed can backup our data. It also tracks hardware metrics for managing the deployment. It provides a feature of custom alert, thanks to which we will discover issues before our MongoDB instance will affect.
10 tips for healthy eating
Unlike what you can imagine, having a balanced diet is not such a difficult task. You need to follow three basic rules: consume variety, with quality and moderation. This is possible with discipline and awareness of what is really needed for your body. See the tips! Eat fresh foods Fresh or minimally processed foods, of vegetable origin, are the basis of a balanced diet. Include on the menu: beans, nuts, tubers, grains, fruits, vegetables and greens. Avoid excess salt, sugar, oils and fats Use salt, sugar, oils and fats in small amounts. Excessive sugar consumption contributes to obesity; the improper use of salt, oils and fats can increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Avoid ultra-processed foods The natural manufacturing process for ready-made foods generally includes high amounts of salt, sugar, oils and fats. In addition, they also bring other substances for industrial use and synthesized in the laboratory from sources such as oil and coal, which do not favor a balanced diet. So, avoid consuming foods like: chips stuffed cookies cake mix instant noodles powder soup ready seasoning  soft drinks Consume functional foods Functional foods are those that help prevent or reduce the risk of some diseases. Soy and fish, for example, help to reduce bad cholesterol; chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, onions and garlic, help the immune system; cabbage, cabbage and broccoli can protect against some types of cancer. Include fiber in your diet Studies indicate that fiber-rich foods, such as brown rice, help reduce the risk of some types of cancer and cardiovascular disease. In addition, they promote satiety and help control body weight. Make a weekly menu Create a weekly plan with the week's menu. This will help to organize food throughout the days and avoid the consumption of ready-made and ultra-processed foods. Make grocery list With the weekly plan in hand, choose a day of the week to go to the fair and the supermarket. Make a shopping list to help you not include items in the cart that will not contribute to your health. Have a balanced breakfast Your healthy choices start in the morning with a breakfast consisting of foods such as whole grain bread, cereals, tapioca, egg, yogurt, cheese and fruit. In addition to nourishing the body, they will give you the energy you need to start the day in a good mood. Eat intermediate meals Eating every three hours favors the proper functioning of the intestine. Include healthy food such as fresh fruit, plain yogurt, nuts and walnuts in between meals. Mindfulness when eating Try to focus while eating your meals. Eating while watching TV or accessing your cell phone can make you consume more than necessary. Also, use that moment to feel the texture and flavor of the food and enjoy each bite. Conclusion Healthy eating should prioritize fresh or minimally processed foods As we have seen, the basis of healthy eating is the proper choice of foods and ingredients. Avoiding ultra-processed foods as much as possible and opting for food in its most natural form, respecting the regions and seasons of production and harvesting, is fundamental. Look for small producers in your region to buy your food. Make at home, as much as you can, the preparation of your meals. You will notice that, in addition to being healthier, there is nothing more delicious than food that tastes like home. Value the food you eat, because then you will be valuing your body and your health. “You are what you eat”, have you heard that phrase? So, review your eating habits to build a healthier and more positive relationship with food. You will gain in disposition, energy, quality of life and, we have no doubt, taste.
Marriage Prediction time in astrology: Easy Method to Know Exact age & date
Ensure Your Marriage Life with accurate Marriage Prediction free reports. Know about How to Marry a perfect partner with Free Marriage prediction by date of birth. Find accurate Marriage Predictions about your Marital Life. At last Get an overview of Free Marriage Prediction in Hindi by date of birth. Marriage is not only the Union of 2 souls but also a significant for 2 existing families and then 2 future dynasties. Another factor is that with the literate status of females in society, the overall perception of marriage has become totally different. The society is no longer a male-dominated society. Therefore, Marriage astrology in Vedic Astrology has all the answers related to marriage when, how, and married life afterward. Are you worried about when will I get married? At What age will I get married? Why is my marriage getting delayed? Will my married life be successful? Who is my perfect match? Get answers to your every marriage prediction questions as per your marriage horoscope. we are here to solve all your marriage problems and guide you to perfect married life by using our Marriage date Prediction Calculator! Some Myths There is No Astrology Software or no online website that can give you information about the exact time of your Marriage. You have to do it Manually by checking your natal birth chart. Marriage age prediction cannot be automated because there are many factors which no software can check. Moreover, Intuition also plays an important role. So, if you are one of them searching Marriage prediction Calculator, Stop right now. You will not be able to get any correct Prediction. Just open your Horoscope and follow the given steps, you will be able to find your Marriage date prediction from kundali. But Remember the Method explained below is for first Marriage. If you want to Know about second Marriage, read How to Know the Time of Second Marriage? Marriage Astrology by date of birth Marriage astrology is a Specialized task and it has 3 major Parts- Knowing the exact time of Marriage, Understanding Marital Happiness, and Marriage Matching. Here we will give you a Proper and step by step guide on How to predict marriage Timing in astrology easily yet effectively and this will be going to help you in marriage prediction by date of birth from Horoscope. Planets & Houses Responsible for Marriage Astrology Early and delay marriage depends upon the planets located in the horoscopes. Jupiter plays a key role in the horoscope of female natives for cheerful married life. If Jupiter and 7th house lord is well placed and has a good aspect, peaceful marriage can be predicted. The 2nd house should be free from affliction On the other hand, Venus is the significator of Male natives. If Venus and 7th lord is well placed and having good aspects, good quality of marital life is possible. Thus, while matching horoscope, 1st House (Personality and Self), 2nd house (Wealth and Growth of family), 4th house(General Happiness and comfort), 5th House of Lady (love and Progeny), 7th house (Spouse), 8th house (house of Longevity of native) and 12th house (Bed comforts) should be examined appropriately. Role of Navamsa chart in Marriage Prediction by date of birth and Time Navamsa is one of the most important Divisional charts in Marriage astrology. It has very high importance in Marriage date Prediction. You Should Check the below Points during Marriage age Prediction. If the Saturn afflicts the 7th house and 7th Lord of birth chart or Navamsa or if the 8th lord afflicts the 7th house or 7th Lord in your birth chart or Navamsa chart, it can delay your Marriage. It is a very complex way to resolve issues.so neat study of free navamsa chart prediction for marriage can guide you effectively. Even Higher Affliction can also deny Marriage and a person may not get Married in entire Life. You Should consult us by avail on TABIJ.IN or call us @ +919776190123 for better understanding.
펌) 영어회화의 절반을 해결하는 20가지 질문 패턴
알아두면 넘나 좋을 것 같은 영어회화 패턴을 쌔벼왔어!! 후후후 다들 클립 안하고 뭐햐 ?_? 외우려고 카드를 써놓지만 물론 나는 이 카드를 두번 다시 꺼내보지 않겠지.. 벌써 내 미래가 보이는 것 같아.....ㅇ<-< 힝 Part 1. 영어회화의 절반을 해결해 주는 20가지 질문 패턴 질문 패턴 01. 영화 보러 갈래? Do you want to see a movie tonight? 이걸 원해? 말만 해! 다 해 줄 테니~ 상대방의 의향을 물을 땐, Do you~? 질문 패턴 02. 조용히 좀 해 줄래? Can you keep it down? 밥 좀 사줄래? 청소 좀 도와줄래? 어려운 일을 부탁할 땐, Can you~? 질문 패턴 03. 얘기 좀 해도 될까? Can I talk to you? 그것 좀 해도 돼? 상대방의 허락을 구하거나 부탁할 일이 있을 땐, Can I~? 질문 패턴 04. 여기 사인해 주시겠어요? Would you sign here, please? 점잖고 격조 있고 교양 있게 말하고 싶을 땐, Would you~? 질문 패턴 05. 진심이야? Are you serious? 행복하다고? 긴장된다고? 상대방의 상태를 묻고 싶다면, Are you~? 질문 패턴 06. 내가 먼저 전화해야 하나? Should I call him first? 제가 어찌 하오리까? 무언가 해야 하냐고 나의 의무를 물을 땐, Should I~? 질문 패턴 07. 그녀에게 데이트 신청할 작정이야? Are you going to ask her out? 뭔가 할 예정이라고 이미 마음먹은 일을 통보할 땐, Are you going to~? 질문 패턴 08. 전화해도 돼요? Is it okay if I call you? 무엇이든 괜찮은지 아닌지 묻고 싶을 땐, Is it okay if~? 질문 패턴 09. 인터넷으로 주문하지 그래? Why don''t you order it online? 내 이름은 권해요! 상대방에게 무언가 권유할 땐, Why don''t you~? 질문 패턴 10. 근처에 화장실이 있나요? Is there a bathroom around here? 어이, 거기 누구 없소? Is there~? 질문 패턴 11. 누굴 사랑해 본 적 있어요? Have you ever loved someone? 해봤어? 먹어봤어? 가봤어? 경험을 물어볼 땐, Have you~? 질문 패턴 12. 좀 도와줘? You need some help? 평서문으로도 물어볼 수 있다? 상대방에게 물어보고 싶은 것이 있을 땐 무조건 You~? 질문 패턴 13. 그렇게 생각 안 해? Don''t you think so? 넌 안 그러니? 상대방의 동의를 구하고 싶을 땐, Don''t you~? 질문 패턴 14. 저한테 메시지 온 거 있어요? Any messages for me? 무언가 있는지 물어볼 때 Any~?를 써도 된다고? 질문 패턴 15. 무슨 일 있어? What happened to you? 뭘 했는지, 뭘 좋아하는지. ‘무엇’이 들어가는 질문을 할 땐 무조건, What~? 질문 패턴 16. 너희 둘은 어떻게 만나게 되었는데? How did you two meet? ‘어떻게’라는 말이 들어가는 표현을 할 땐 무조건, How~? 질문 패턴 17. 오늘 언제 퇴근해요? When do you get off today? 시간에 관한 질문을 할 땐 언제나, When~? 질문 패턴 18. 어디 가고 싶어? Where do you want to go? 어디 가고 싶다고? 어디 있는 거야? ‘어디’가 들어가는 질문을 할 땐, Where~? 질문 패턴 19. 누가 이랬어? Who did this? ‘누가’ 했는지 묻고 싶을 땐 무조건, Who~? 질문 패턴 20. 왜 나한테 키스했어? Why did you kiss me? 왜 그랬는데? 도대체 왜 그랬어? 이유를 묻고 싶을 땐 언제나, Why~? Part 2. 영어회화의 나머지 절반을 해결해 주는 20가지 대답 패턴 대답 패턴 01. 내가 집까지 태워다줄 수 있는데. I can drive you home. 당신의 능력을 보여 주세요! 할 수 있다고, 해 줄 거라고 자신 있게 말하고 싶을 땐, I can~ 대답 패턴 02. 내가 계산할게. I''ll pick up the tab. 뜻이 있는 곳에 길이 있다! 무언가를 할 거라고 공언할 땐, I will~ 대답 패턴 03. 난 담배 안 피워. I don''t smoke. 안한다면 안 한다니까! 어떤 일을 하지 않는다고 부정할 땐, I don''t ~ 대답 패턴 04. 너 만나러 여기 왔어. I''m here to see you. 내가 말이쥐~ 나에 대해 말하고 싶을 땐, I''m~ 대답 패턴 05. 커피 좀 더 주시겠어요? I''d like more coffee, please. 격조 있고 교양 있게 부탁할 때, I''d like~ 대답 패턴 06. 나 5kg 뺄 거야. I''m going to lose 5kg. 한다면 꼭 한다니까~ 결심한 걸 다른 사람들에게 얘기할 땐, I''m going to~ 대답 패턴 07. 가봐야 할 것 같아. I think I should get along. 그건 좀 아닌 것 같은데… 자신의 의견을 좀더 부드럽게 표현하고 싶을 땐, I think~ 대답 패턴 08. 생각 좀 해 볼게요. Let me think about it. 선심 쓰듯이 내가 하겠다고 할 때도, 해보게 해달라고 부탁할 때도 Let me~ 대답 패턴 09. 우리 사귀자. Let‘s go steady. 무엇이든 같이 하고 싶은 일이 있을 땐, Let''s~! 대답 패턴 10. 잔돈 여기 있습니다. Here''s your change. 여기에, 저기에, 이게? Here''s~, There''s~, This is~ 대답 패턴 11. 언제든 연락 주세요. Feel free to contact us. 동사로 시작하는 명령문과 부정 명령문, Feel free to~ 대답 패턴 12. 차라리 혼자 있을래요. I would rather be alone. 차라리 과거가 있는 게 낫지. 내가 선호하는 것을 말하고 싶을 땐, I would rather~ 대답 패턴 13. 언니랑 목소리가 똑같네요. You sound just like your sister. 목소리가, 맛이 보인다, 보여! 목소리가 꾀꼬리 같다며 작업하고 싶을 땐, You sound~ 대답 패턴 14. 당신 오늘 밤 정말 섹시해 보여. You look gorgeous tonight. 상대방의 옷차림이나 기분 등이 어떤 것 같다고 추측할 땐, You look~ 대답 패턴 15. 그냥 클릭만 하면 돼. All you have to do is click. 다른 건 손대지 말고 뭔가 한 가지만 하면 된다고 말할 땐, All you have to do is~ 대답 패턴 16. 더 나빴을 수도 있어. It could be worse. could와 would가 어떻게 다르다고? 일어날 가능성이 있는 일을 말할 땐 It could be~ 대답 패턴 17. 그 영화 벌써 봤어. I've already seen the movie. 현재완료? 그런 건 잊어. 벌써 했다는 말을 하고 싶을 땐 무조건, I''ve already~ 대답 패턴 18. 술을 줄여야겠어. I should cut down on my drinking 뭘 해야 한다는 말을 할 땐, I should~, I have to~, I''ve got to~ 대답 패턴 19. 나 전화 받느라 바빠. I'm busy answering phone calls. 날 그렇게도 괴롭혔던 -ing. 지금 당장 혹은 요 근래 바쁘다는 말을 할 땐, I''m busy -ing ~ 대답 패턴 20. 나 머리 잘랐어. I got my hair cut. have/get/make를 살리면 영어가 세련되어진다. 누군가에게 뭔가 시켰다는 말을 할 땐, I got~ Part 3. 회화에 날개를 달아 주는 필수 구문 10가지 필수 구문 01. 도착하면 전화해. When you get there, call me. 뭔가 하게 되면 이라는 말을 하고 싶을 땐, When~과 If~ 필수 구문 02. 삐 소리가 난 후 메시지를 남겨주세요. Leave a message after th beep. 뭔가 한 후에, 하기 전에 하는 말을 하고 싶을 땐, After와 Before 필수 구문 03. 사랑하니까 널 떠나는 거야. I''m leaving you because I love you. 뭐든 구차하게 변명하고자 할 땐, because와 because of 필수 구문 04. 내가 할 수 있을지 모르겠어요. I''m not sure if I can do this. 뭘 모르는 게 있을 땐 자신 있게, I''m not sure if~와 I have no idea~ 필수 구문 05. 그녀를 사랑하긴 하지만 떠나야 했어. Though I love her, I had to leave. 앞에서 했던 말과 반대되는 얘기를 하고 싶을 땐, Though~ 필수 구문 06. 집에 10시까지는 들어올게요. I''ll be home by 10:00. 언제까지 라고 얘기하고 싶을 땐, by~와 until~ 그리고 from~ to~ 필수 구문 07. 결정을 내려야 해. You need to make a decision. 뭔가 해야 한다는 말을 need로 표현하고 싶을 땐, You need to~ 필수 구문 08. 네 말을 들었어야 하는 건데. I should''ve listened to you. 과거에 하지 않아 후회하는 일을 표현할 땐, I should''ve~ 필수 구문 09. 내가 더 똑똑했으면 좋았을걸. I wish I were smarter. 실현 가능성이 없는 희망을 노래하고 싶을 땐, I wish I were/could~ 필수 구문 10. 뭘 하든 포기하지는 마. Whatever you do, don''t give up. 뭐든지 다 해 준다고 얘기하고 싶을 땐, whatever~