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Leo brought Hana to Jaehyun's house immediately "when you get inside, make sure to explain to her what happened" Hana nodded and sighed "I hope she doesn't over react.." Leo grunted and rubbed the back of his neck "I know she won't over react but I hear a lot of things about girls these days...they're unpredictable" Leo sighed and opened the door. Hearing the sound of the front door opening, Jaehyun turned her head to face Leo. Her eyes were blood shot red "Leo.."
He sighed and smiled gently "was somebody worried about me?" the room was silent. She didn't say a word and looked down at the floor, her face flushing red. Leo looked around and chuckled "You poor thing, you must have been scared" As he turned back around to look at her, he noticed something. Tears began accumulating in Jaehyun's eyes as she choked out a small sob. Leo swore he could hear his heart break. His eyes softened at the sight and he slowly walked over to her, gently pulling her into his arms "Shh" with his hand faintly rubbing her back, he began to calm her down "it's okay I'm here now..." Hana watched from across the room and smiled at the two. She had no idea her best friend had been in love, it's something she had been waiting for. Jaehyun never had a lot of friends and Hana knew that, that's why she was as happy as she was. Leo bent down and put his hands on her shoulders gently, looking into her eyes "You sure tore up the place.." he trailed off and chuckled. Pinching her nose, Leo smiled "You're helping me clean up lat-" Leo was cut off by a hand smacking his shoulder "HOW CAN YOU THINK ABOUT CLEANING AT A TIME LIKE THIS?" Jaehyun panted, the anger clear in her eyes. Leo couldn't help but smile at her. Hana looked at Jaehyun and held back a laugh "I'm going to go home okay?" as she took the necklace off, Leo disappeared for a moment "Leo!" Jaehyun began to panic before she realized what was happening With her cheeks bright red, she quickly put on her necklace and Leo reappeared. Seeing the amused look on his face, she glared at him faintly, but Leo knew she meant no harm. "Don't even say anything" she muttered and crossed her arms, sitting down on the couch. Hana secretly left the two, laughing to herself while sneaking out the door.
Leo looked down at jaehyuns small frame, his gaze softening when he noticed her cheeks. He noticed that water had glistened her cheeks and she was crying once again. Leo caved in "Oh for the love of god look at you" He chuckled softly and cupped her cheeks, wiping the tears off of her cheeks lightly with the pads of his thumbs "I can't tease you when you're crying like this" A pout formed on his lips "It makes me feel bad" he pulled her against his chest and began to stroke her hair "You should feel bad.." Jaehyun muttered against his chest and hugged him back. If anything, she felt bad. Leo felt sorry for making her upset, but Jaehyun felt even worse. Even when Hana said herself that it was definitely not her fault, she had to disagree. If only she had kept a closer eye on the necklace, none of this would have happened in the first place. Leo noticed that she became oddly silent and pulled away to look at her "Hey, what's wrong now Hm? You look even more upset than you did a moment ago" Leo could read her like a book, whether she wanted him too or not. Despite how hard she tried, he knew she wasn't the best at hiding her feelings from him or anyone else for that matter. "You look ashamed-" he paused when she gave him a look. "Why?" Leo questioned and fixed the stray piece of hair in front of her face, tucking it behind her ear. "it's my fault.." Jaehyun mumbled softly and sniffed, looking away from him. Before She could say anymore nonsense, he cut her off quickly "It is not your fault" he put his fingers under her chin to lift her face up. "it's no one's fault, it was a simple mistake-" She suddenly stood up and yelled "You don't understand!"
Leo flinched from the sudden outburst and glanced up at her, watching with caution. "You don't..You don't understand anything" he saw her fingers play nervously with the necklace around her neck. "I was scared I lost you for good..I was terrified that I would lose you..I had no idea where you were and when I realized the necklace was gone.." he got up very slowly and took small steps towards her as she continued on "My heart dropped and it had felt like my entire world was gone because-" "You love me?" he finished jaehyuns sentence for her and was now staring down at her. Jaehyun froze and carefully lifted up her head, looking into his eyes. "Because I love you.." she couldn't deny it now- no, She wouldn't deny it now. No matter how scared she was, she wouldn't lie to the person she trusted the most. "When I opened my eyes to see a stranger in front of me, the first thing that came to my mind was you..I didn't realize that I loved you until I was apart from you....I love you, Jaehyun" He cupped her face , looking into her eyes. And for the first time in his life, Leo began to cry. "So much" And with that, he leaned down and delicately pressed his lips against hers. Jaehyun smiled against his lips and kissed him back, Sighing in content. And as the two kissed, Jaehyun hadn't noticed that she was holding the cross necklace in the palm of her hand, holding onto it for dear life.
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